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29 Rumors About The Corona Vaccine; Expert Answers And Facts That Everyone Should Know

We hear a lot of contradictory news about the corona vaccine these days. The duration and extent of immunity that this vaccine provides, its side effects, and the comparison of the effectiveness of different types of Iranian, Chinese, Russian, or American vaccines are all in a state of ambiguity.

 The coronavirus epidemic continues worldwide. 

The corona vaccine is currently the most promising factor in ending this period. It is natural for all of us to have many questions about it. 

In this article, we have tried to investigate the rumors of this new vaccine and share the facts with you, quoting the most authoritative sources from all over the world.

Note: This article is based on current information available in the world. It may need updating over time as the corona virus changes rapidly.

Rumor 1: The corona vaccine is made very quickly, so it is not safe!

Speed ​​of making Corona vaccine

Fact: Corona is a rapidly spreading epidemic; So many pharmaceutical companies and governments have invested heavily in the rapid development of the corona vaccine.

 An emergency situation also needs emergency action! But this does not mean that pharmacists have not taken precautions or have not done enough testing. 

Also, keep in mind that Covid 19 is similar to other coronaviruses ( SARS and Mercury ) previously seen in humans; Therefore, researchers have had the opportunity to do research in this field before.

Obtaining FDA approval may normally take months or even years; However, given the importance and urgency of the issue, emergency use has now been confirmed for trusted vaccines. 

This means that respondent organizations have confirmed that the use of the vaccine is safe and effective, given the data obtained (which, of course, is less than the amount of data and normal tests).

Pharmaceutical companies must monitor at least half of their candidates 2 months after injection in order to be approved for their manufactured vaccines. 

Confirmation is provided only when the vaccine has been shown to be effective and safe for the general public. In addition, a number of neutral experts are measuring the safety of the vaccine based on laboratory data.

In Iran, too, all these strict controls are carried out on domestically produced vaccines and imported vaccines. The Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education reviews and approves vaccines and, ultimately, issues a vaccine authorization.

Rumor 2: It is dangerous to inject the Pfizer vaccine!

Pfizer Corona Vaccine

Fact: Naturally, a vaccine is introduced to the world and it is recommended that it pass its test. Although many vaccines are being developed and tested, the Pfizer vaccine is currently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

To carry the Pfizer vaccine, a temperature of minus 70 degrees Celsius is required. Once the ice has melted, it can only be used for up to 5 days. The vaccine is made using a new technology based on the molecular structure of the virus and is genetic. 

The same technology allows the virus to be stripped of its animal origin and efficiently combined with a cell-free, preservative-free process. So far, the vaccine has been tested on 43,000 people.

The data show that the vaccine works after the first dose. Its effectiveness is 95% 7 days after the second dose. This means that 95% of those who have received the vaccine are immune to severe coronary heart disease . This vaccine is suitable for people over 16 years of age and 2 doses of it should be injected 21 days apart.

Rumor 3: The modern vaccine is not reliable!

Fact: The Moderna vaccine is the second vaccine approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. This vaccine is also genetic. Requires a temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius for transportation and storage; But it can work up to 1 month in the refrigerator at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius.

 The effectiveness of this vaccine is 94.1%. The modern vaccine is suitable for people over 18 years of age and should be given twice, 28 days apart. Given the global efficacy and approval, this vaccine also seems to be reliable.

Rumor 4: Except for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, no other vaccines are safe!

Types of corona vaccines

Fact: This is not true. For all vaccines, however, we will have to wait for additional results. If the end results are as promising as the initial results, we can be sure that the vaccines are safe.

 Even if the vaccine is less effective than the Pfizer and Modern vaccines, it may be more effective than the average flu vaccine ; For example, the Strazenka and Oxford University vaccines are 70% effective, which is still good! In addition, these vaccines are cheaper and do not require large investments.

Rumor 5: The Iranian vaccine is not reliable!

Fact: According to the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran , until January 1, only one Iranian company had received the approval of the Food and Drug Administration of Iran to begin the first phase of clinical examination. This vaccine is made from an inactivated virus. 

There are other vaccines of this type. Chinese Sinovac, Chinese Sinopharm and CanSino, Russian Gameleya, British Oxford-AstraZeneca, American Johnson & Johanson and Bharat Indian biotech have also used the same technology to produce vaccines. If the test phase of the vaccine goes well, it will be available to the public by the end of spring.

 In addition, 5 other Iranian companies are researching. Like all global surveillance, Iran has explained strict procedures for approving vaccines.

Rumor 6: Iran has no history of producing vaccines!

Iran's history in making vaccines

Fact: According to the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education of Iran , the Pasteur Institute of Iran and the Razi Vaccine and Cold Research Institute have been producing various types of vaccines for nearly 100 years. Many of the vaccines we injected as children were made in Iran.

Rumor 7: Iran has not done anything to provide the corona vaccine needed by the country!

Fact: According to the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education , an international network has been set up to facilitate access to the corona vaccine. This network is called coax. The network is expected to provide 20% of the population of each country with access to the Corona vaccine by the end of 2021. Iran has also become a member of this network. More importantly, the activities of domestic companies are also being pursued.

Rumor 8: The Iranian vaccine has not passed the initial testing stages!

Fact: According to the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education , all drugs and vaccines are tested first in the laboratory and then on animals to ensure their effectiveness and safety. It then enters the initial stage of human experimentation. 

These studies are in 3 stages. Initially, tests are performed on 30,000 to 50,000 people, and in the final stage on 20,000 to 40,000 people. Otherwise, it is not possible to issue a permit for the distribution of drug consumption in Iran.

Rumor 9: All Corona vaccines need a specific temperature of minus 70 degrees Celsius!

Maintenance of corona vaccine

Fact: According to the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education , this is not true. Only genetic vaccines require a specific cold chain below zero degrees. Other vaccines can be stored at room temperature.

Rumor 10: A person who has already received a corona no longer needs to be vaccinated!

Fact: There is still no exact information on how long immunity to coronary artery develops. Scientists are still unsure whether coronary heart disease provides immunity. This immunity is called “natural safety”. The natural safety interval varies from person to person. Preliminary evidence suggests that natural immunity is not very durable; But more research is needed.

Experts recommend that you get the corona vaccine even if you have had it before. Of course, people who have had such an experience should wait up to 90 days after being diagnosed and then get vaccinated. People who are quarantined or have symptoms should not be vaccinated.

Rumor 11: The corona vaccine has severe long-term side effects!

Fact: Some people mistakenly believe that the corona vaccine causes irreversible side effects that can eventually lead to death. Experiments show that the corona vaccine causes mild to moderate reactions in the short term; But these reactions go away without injury or side effects.

If the vaccine is supposed to show side effects, it will show up minutes or hours after the injection. The results of the first phase of the Pfizer vaccine test indicate its safety. About 15% of the volunteers experienced short-term symptoms (pain, redness, and swelling) in the injected area.

 Half of them had physical reactions ( headache , chills, fatigue , body aches and fever lasting 1 to 2 days). Your doctor will check your symptoms 15 minutes after you get the vaccine so that you do not react immediately.

Most people experience side effects from the vaccine within 3 days of being vaccinated. These symptoms will only last for 1 to 2 days. Note that these symptoms mean that your immune system is responding to the vaccine. Reaction at the time of vaccine injection is a common symptom.

The side effects of the corona vaccine are similar to the symptoms of the corona itself. If you experience these symptoms after 3 days of vaccination or if they remain in your body for more than 2 days, quarantine yourself and have a corona test .

Rumor 12: A person who has been vaccinated with corona no longer needs a mask!

Health precautions after corona vaccination

Fact: It takes a long time for the whole world to get access to the corona vaccine. In the meantime, experts are examining the exact extent and timing of the immunity that the vaccine creates before changing safety recommendations.

Although the vaccine will protect you against the virus , it is not yet clear whether you may still be a carrier; Therefore, it is best to stick to the previous precautions as long as a sufficient number of the world’s population is safe. Observe social distance, wear a mask and wash your hands regularly ( proper hand washing method ). Additional information will be provided over time.

In addition, no vaccine is 100% effective. If you travel in a public environment without a mask, how can you be sure that someone is healthy, someone is a carrier and someone is not vaccinated?

Be aware that you may be one of the 5% who are still not immune to the virus with the Corona vaccine.

Rumor 13: The number of deaths due to side effects of the corona vaccine is higher than the number of deaths due to the disease itself!

Fact: There is a growing trend in cyberspace to explain that the corona mortality rate is 1 to 2 percent and that a vaccine that has not yet been tested should not be used to prevent this.

The same 1 percent is 10 times more deadly than seasonal flu. In addition, mortality rates vary by country, age, gender, and health status. Although some people may have symptoms after receiving the Corona vaccine, keep in mind that these symptoms may occur after each vaccine is given.

 In addition, these symptoms are not serious or threatening. Although no vaccine is 100% effective, getting the vaccine is better than not getting it. In general, the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the harms.

Keep in mind that getting a corona vaccine is not just to protect yourself. The bigger reason is to stop the virus from spreading.

Rumor 14: I do not have a specific disease that causes severe coronary heart disease, so I do not need to be vaccinated!

Fact: It is not yet clear exactly why some people experience severe coronary heart disease. Sometimes even people who do not have an underlying disease have experienced a severe form of coronary artery disease due to certain mutations in their immune genes. Even if you do not experience severe coronary heart disease, you will have to endure the annoying effects of coronary heart disease for a long time.

In addition, despite the danger that threatens you, you may still be a carrier and transmit the virus to others.

So you need to be vaccinated. Because this vaccine is not yet available to everyone, it is recommended that any eligible person take this opportunity.

Rumor 15: When I get the Corona vaccine, I am more likely to get other diseases!

Fact: The corona vaccine only strengthens your immune system against the corona virus. This vaccine does not increase the risk of other diseases such as influenza infection and has nothing to do with them.

Rumor 16: With corona vaccination, we get corona!

Fact: You may not get a corona as a result of the corona vaccine! Vaccine is a neutralizing treatment, not an activating one! Approved vaccines do not use the live virus that causes Covid 19. It may take several weeks for your body to make the necessary antibodies against the corona; So it is possible to get a corona during this time. This does not mean that the virus has been transmitted to your body through the vaccine.

Rumor 17: Pharmaceutical companies are activating microchips or nano-transducers in the human brain through the corona vaccine and controlling people remotely!

Microchips in the corona vaccine

Fact: Video is being made on virtual networks around the world that provide misinformation. The fact is that the syringe company Apiject, in addition to the regular version, has developed a version of the syringe that has microchips on the label of the syringe. This label helps providers know the origin of the vaccine. This microchip is not injected into the person receiving the vaccine and is for informational purposes only.

There are no microchips. The corona vaccine does not detect individuals or collect their personal information. The rumor started when Bill Gates commented on the digital certificate of vaccine history. He was talking about a technology that has nothing to do with microchips, has not been implanted in any human body, and does not depend on the production, testing or distribution of the Corona vaccine.

Rumor 18: The Corona vaccine. ان. It changes people

Fact: The first series of some coronary vaccines. .اِن. (Messenger Ribonucleic Acid – mRNA). mRNAs work by teaching the body’s cells how to produce a monoprotein that triggers an immune response. This technology is the first to be used to produce a vaccine; But more than three decades of research has been done on it and a large number of animal infections have been studied.

The scientific explanation for this process is that the corona virus has a tentacle-like structure on its surface called the S protein. mRNAs give cells instructions on how to make S-protein fragments.

 After vaccination, the cells make this protein and display it on the cell surface. The immune system detects that this protein does not belong to this part and responds to it immune. In this case, a suitable antibody is released in the body to fight future infections.

This mRNA never enters the cell nucleus. It is in it, it does not enter; Then mRNA injection causes a change. اِن. It does not become your body and has no interaction with it. Human cells degrade and repel mRNA after receiving this training.

Rumor 19: It is not clear what the ingredients of these vaccines are!

Ingredients of Corona vaccine

Fact: All the companies whose vaccines are approved and used globally have released the ingredients of the vaccines. In addition to mRNA, these vaccines contain lipids (fats) that help mRNA reach cells more easily. Some other ingredients in this vaccine help to maintain the body’s elasticity and balance.

Myth 20: People with certain medical conditions should not be vaccinated!

Fact: People with certain health conditions (such as those with diabetes or heart disease ) are at risk for coronary heart disease ; So it is very natural that they need to be vaccinated. This rumor, like other rumors, is not in line with the opinion of experts. Of course, you should consult your doctor before receiving the vaccine.

Rumor 21: People with suppressed immune systems should not get the corona vaccine!

Fact: The corona vaccine does not contain live virus. If it contained a weakened virus, it would not be suitable for use by people with a suppressed immune system; Because even a weak virus may be able to grow and multiply in their bodies; So those who are being treated for cancer or autoimmune diseases can definitely get the corona vaccine.

People with suppressed immune systems will also benefit from the corona vaccine; But this will not be as good as those who have a healthy immune system. Be sure to get confirmation from your doctor before receiving the vaccine.

Rumor 22: Corona vaccine causes infertility in women!

Infertility with Corona vaccine

Fact: False information on virtual networks again claims that this vaccine trains the body to attack Syncytin-1. This protein is a protein that is present in the placenta of the fetus and therefore, according to this false claim, this vaccine may lead to infertility . The fact is that an amino acid sequence is common between protein S and embryonic placenta protein. 

However, experts believe that the time it takes for the body to respond to an immune response is too short to affect fertility.

Twenty-third rumor: The corona vaccine is made from fetal tissue!

Fact: The current corona vaccine is not made from embryonic tissue and is not needed.

Rumor 24: Priority for the corona vaccine will not be implemented worldwide!

Fact: Due to the limited supply of Corona vaccine, not everyone will be able to get it at the same time. The decision of all countries of the world is to make this vaccine available to individuals in a priority manner. This order and prioritization may vary from country to country; But the general public believes that the vaccine should first be given to health care workers and adults in inpatient care.

It is worth mentioning that the total number of elderly people with underlying diseases in Iran is close to 30 million! The second recipients will be the elderly over the age of 75 and front-line emergency services (teachers, public transport staff and food vendors).

 Third recipients, the elderly between the ages of 65 and 74, people between the ages of 16 and 64 who, depending on their medical condition (such as type 2 diabetes and obesity) are likely to experience severe coronary heart disease , and all emergency services staff (food and construction staff) ) are. Of course, these rules and priorities vary from country to country.

Most people will be able to get the vaccine as soon as it becomes widely available. This may be operational by the spring of 2021. Vaccination is an important part of the quest to end this quarantine period.

Rule Twenty-Five: People with allergies cannot get the Corona vaccine!

Allergy and corona vaccine

A: In very rare cases (1 in 1 million), some people have been severely allergic to the vaccine. Of course, if you have an allergy that is not related to the injection, you may still be able to get the corona vaccine; But you should be monitored 30 minutes after receiving the vaccine.

 If you have ever had an immediate allergy to other vaccines, you should talk to your doctor about getting a coronary vaccine. Also, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the Corona vaccine, experts recommend that you do not inject it. In addition, those who are allergic to polysorbate should avoid the vaccine.

 In general, you should not inject a second dose if you develop symptoms after receiving the first dose of Corona vaccine.

Rumor 26: Those who get the Corona vaccine should get it back every year!

Fact: Complete information is not available. We have to wait for more research.

Experts around the world are examining vaccines based on the results of the first phase of the vaccine to determine exactly how long the vaccine lasts and whether it is permanent or needs annual renewal. Had.

What is clear now is that most vaccines produced have two phases and must be injected at regular intervals. Additional information will be made available to the public over time.

Rumor 27: Women who are pregnant or have a baby should not get the corona vaccine!

A: There is still no research on the effect of the corona vaccine on pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding. If you are in this group and you are in the sensitive group that you should get the vaccine now, decide with your doctor whether you accept this risk or not. 

Also keep in mind that some mothers who are pregnant or have an infant transmit the disease to their child when they become infected or carry the corona virus. So in addition to the mother, the dangers of the corona may affect the baby.

Rumor 28: All sections of society can get the corona vaccine!

Corona vaccine rumors

A: No corona vaccine has yet been developed for people under 16 years of age. Many companies are testing vaccines for 12-year-olds. Research for children under this age will begin soon. Also, the corona vaccine should not be used arbitrarily for people with certain health conditions. In this regard, you must consult your doctor.

Rumor Twenty-eight: Now that the Corona vaccine has been made, the epidemic will end soon!

Fact: We also like this belief to be true and this epidemic to disappear from the world as soon as possible; But it will take some time for a good number of people to be vaccinated. About 70% of the world’s population must be vaccinated for public safety to occur and for the virus to no longer be able to spread and multiply. 

In our country, this percentage of the population is equivalent to about 50 to 60 million people. Mass production of these vaccines is time consuming. 

Even after production, injecting this volume of vaccine will be time consuming. So companies have to do production in fuzzy and prioritize injection. Therefore, it is currently not possible to reach the public safety level.

The last word

Countless pieces of information are exchanged on social media on a daily basis. Some of this information has no scientific validity. It is better to use reliable sources to get new information. Given the experts’ responses to the misconceptions we examined in this article, it is clear that we must be patient, trust the medical staff, and hope for the end of the quarantine period.

 Our part in breaking the corona is to continue to quarantine and abide by health regulations. Note that this article is a compilation and translation of some of the world’s top resources and may need updating over time.

How many rumors have you heard about this article? Did you believe the misconceptions that were spreading? Was the scientific information in this article effective in raising your awareness? Let us know what you think.