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20 Practical Tricks Of Solidworks Software For All Levels (Assembly)

These useful tricks of SolidWorks software are absolutely necessary at any level you are and are the result of years of experience in working with this software

Solidworks , Doing so will both speed you up and get you less error.

2- Linking dimensions to each other

You can select two dimensions or two sides, right-click on it and select Link Value options to control both dimensions. Imagine the shape of a cube, in which case you have to link all three dimensions, in which case all the links change by changing one side. This really helps when changing the thickness of the parts.

3- Using Sketch Patterns for feature control

This prevents a lot of extra and repetitive work. Basically you will save time by creating a sketch Patterns to copy features and using a template to copy components.

4- Using symmetry

If possible and logical, expand the components of the model using a symmetry relation around an axis. Even if the part is not symmetrical, it is possible to connect to symmetrical parts.

5- Building a model around a source

This is great for beginners as it gives them a point of reference. This makes it easier to make complex parts.


6- Create and name the configuration

For objects, create a configuration and name it so that you can use it in similar cases. Name the parts in a standard and specific way. For example, if the first edition is 555A8-001, the second edition is named 555A8-002.

7- Creating a library

Have a regular file storage system such as a library to make it easy to find parts maps on your computer system.

8- Making

Look at it from a production perspective. Not necessarily how someone makes it in the workshop, you have to do the same in the software.

9- Connecting the parts to each other and considering a source

The connection of the parts should be done from the bottom up, the connections should be done according to a central component in order to preserve the three-dimensional space and the correct connection. For example, suppose two brackets are connected. Attach the first bracket to the starting point. Attach the second bracket to the first bracket. Imagine how the pieces actually connect and implement the same in the software.

10 – Simplification of construction

Simplifying an assembly in View-only mode or Open Selection mode can be useful to create a simple view of the assembly. In this case, only the external parts may be shown and the assembly of more complex parts remains hidden. Useful when you do not need to show details.

11- Using designs and sketches to guide assembly

It means a conductor design that can be used to control the assembly if possible. Depending on the type of assembly you create, you can create a plan to control the framework, surfaces, and almost everything you model. This is just a way to understand assembly.

12. Keep the design and sketch as simple as you can

If your sketches are simple and accurate, you can easily convert them to an AutoCAD file and easily use them for later use.


13. Use the hidden part of the mate command for multiple connections

How can I select and connect multiple pieces at the same time using this command? Hold down the CTRL key and select the parts. Once you have selected the last item, select View Mates from the toolbar, you will now see only the components that are selected and connected.

14. Customize wire numbers in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

One of the advantages of SOLIDWORKS Electrical is that it gives you the ability to customize a large number of elements to meet the specific needs of your electrical design. For example defining wires with arbitrary numbers.

15- Simulation in software

Using this software, the behavior of designed objects can be simulated and their behavioral analysis can be observed; For example, by studying motion and design, we can measure the speed used to shoot a great basketball.

16- Vibration simulation and analysis

Vibration is one of the key factors in engineering design that is very important and is considered when designing parts. As you know, every structure has its natural frequency (resonance), which is related to its nature and structure. Failure to calculate and analyze these vibrations can be catastrophic in practice.

17- 360 degree rotation simulation

The software has the ability to display the animation of rotation, and thus it is possible to display a variety of rotations at angles less than 360 degrees.


18- Replacing components without announcing connection error (mate)

What causes connection errors and how can we control them? When replacing a component that is connected to another component by the mate command constraints, a mismatch error occurs.

We can prevent this problem by using one of the following three techniques:

  • Do not create replacement components from scratch.
  • Use Geometry Datum or temporary coordinate axes
  • Use named components

19. Write text in different sizes

One of the main priorities at different times is the ability to insert guide texts on maps and plans. Fortunately, this process is simple in this software. When selecting dimensions, you will see a <DIM> variable in the Dimension Text field in the Dimension Property Manager menu. You can use this variable to resize text, and you can simply replace texttr with custom text in the text input field.

20- Designing a golf ball in SolidWorks software

Designing a golf ball can be an interesting and practical example. After thinking about this, the interesting idea is that many golf balls are made of eight pieces. This means that we can create a section and connect a number of those sections to a golf ball. The point is that because the golf ball does not have a symmetrical structure with respect to the arrangement of the pieces, we must rotate each section at an angle; This is facilitated by considering a reference point or axis.

21. Three applications in SolidWorks

How to select: One of the useful features of SolidWorks is how to select objects. First and foremost, you can select “Previous Selection” again by clicking on the pop-up toolbar. Another selection feature is the ability to save selected collections for future use.


Name the cut list and update: You can add other objects to the list before cutting after cutting objects.

Asymmetric sizing: A very easy way to build a model.