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20 historical photos that make your mind Dazzle!

Historical photos are far stranger than you or I could ever imagine. People had different ideas and science was being explored in every way imaginable. The world was being

What war has brought to this soldier

1916 – This photo is taken at the Battle of Flers-Courcelette between the Germans and French and British forces. Madness caused by weeks and months of wandering in damp trenches, infection, and seeing the bodies of friends in pieces. At the time, the psychological distress caused by this was called trench shock, for which the term PTSD is now used.

Whose hand is it

A simple photograph taken in 1900 shows female workers in a factory in Northern Ireland. In the meantime, in a situation where all the hands are hooked in front, some people are careful and ask whose hand is on the comb that is located in the lower right corner of the photo ?!

Maybe the problem is simply a clumsy photo edit!

1931 – Mask girls march with anti-gas masks

This photo was taken in 1931, when Japan mentioned Manchuria. There was a lot of panic in the cities at that time because of the possibility of using chemical weapons

1890 – Terrible methods used to control the mentally ill. This photo was taken in a German hospital.

1925 – America – An inventor named Hugo Grenbach claims that this method completely blocks the distraction of students. The flow of oxygen is also established!

An intellectual café in Paris that operated between 1892 and 1950 and had a décor that wanted to mimic scenes from Dante’s novel Hell!

February 1945, the beautiful city of Dresden, Germany, after the Allies dropped 4,000 bombs on it, killing 25,000 people. At least 75,000 buildings were destroyed.

Renowned nineteenth-century neurologist Gilliam Benjamin Amand Duchamp is electrically stimulating the facial muscles to study how they position themselves.

A teenager is thrown from a plane. An adventurous teenager ran away from home in 1970 and went to Sydney Airport, clinging to the wheels of a DC-8 plane to fly to Tokyo!

At the same time, an amateur photographer was photographing the scene and noticed the fatal fall of a teenager.

No, these are not real people.

 These are the wax sculptures of the Madame Tussauds in 1925. This photo was taken after a fire broke out. The fire was contained and the statues were later restored.

Boxer dies: During a fight on May 24, 1913, a boxer named Luther McCarthy dies after receiving a blow to the head. This photo shows moments before his death.

Is this a doll or a person who has a mask on his face ?!

In fact, this is the body of Maria Elena Milagro de Hayos, covered with wax and resin.

A German radiologist named Karl Tanzler was madly in love with him. When his love died in 1931; He stole her body, replaced her real eyes with glass eyes, and kept the whole body for seven years!

1940 – Traditional religion in a Spanish city.

April 5, 1969 – Central Park peace demonstrations in protest of the Vietnam War and a man wearing a pig mask.

May 1948 – A picture of a train after its boiler explodes in Ohio, USA

Hiroshima Shadow – If you look closely you can see the shadow of a man on the stairs. After the atomic bomb exploded on August 5, 1945 in Hiroshima, those near the site of the explosion; Due to the high heat, they almost evaporated and nothing was left of their body.

1870 – A large mass of skulls of humpbacked buffaloes is massacred. In just 50 years, the population of these animals has grown from 30 million to 300 heads.

1962 – Venezuela – Shot in a military coup and a priest comforts him in the last minutes of his life. This photo won the Pulitzer Prize in 193.

Black Dahlia is the nickname given to the American Elizabeth Shirt. He was the victim of a mysterious murder in 1947 that drew unprecedented media coverage. He was nicknamed the “Black Dahlia” because of his pale face and the black clothes he wore. His nickname may have been taken from a noir film called Blue Star, released in April 1946.

Halloween in 1905 – a time when it was less fun and they really tried to make the costumes and decorations more scary.