2 important methods to recover SEO traffic

If your ranking in search engine results has dropped or you can’t find the main keywords that lead to high traffic in Google Analytics, read this post. In this article, we will teach you 2 important methods to recover SEO traffic.

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Identify keywords in Google Analytics to recover SEO traffic

Troubleshooting the decrease in site page traffic and SEO ranking

In this article, we answer the following question in two parts:

How can I recover my lost keywords and organic traffic?

In the first part, you will discuss the identification of keywords and target pages, and in the second part, we will deal with problem diagnosis. Stay with us.

Identify keywords in Google Analytics to recover SEO traffic

In this section, we will identify the site’s incoming traffic and specify the ways for users to enter the site. You have already become familiar with the concept of Google Analytics , so assuming that you are fully familiar with this tool, we will discuss what are the keywords and popular pages of users and what results does it bring?

This can include page views, number of sessions, or any other KPI.

You can also find pages that are losing a lot of traffic for the following reasons:

  • Variety of keywords at the top of the page
  • The presence of knowledge maps or graphs that make the results appear lower than their original position.
  • And…

One of the methods of identifying keywords is to find the trailing words derived from your main keyword, which can continue from two to several streams. Anyway, our goal is to get the traffic drop rate of the page and the impact rate of that page by identifying the keywords of each page.

Open the site to start Search Console and Google Analytics.

Go to the following path in Google Analytics:

Acquisition > Overview > Organic Search

recover SEO traffic

If you are looking for your conversion rate, in the right part of the table and from the Conversion tab , sort the values ​​from highest to lowest.

Then select the date range you want. (You can also use a comparison period)

In the next step, go to the search console and follow the steps below:

Performance > Pages

Choose a date similar to Google Analytics.

Well, at this stage, look for the page or pages whose conversion rate has increased by checking Google Analytics.

After choosing, search for the desired page in Google Search Console and click on it.

tab Now, from the queries and according to the selected time period, a list of keywords will be shown to you.

Finally, you can compare this list with the list of desired keywords and also see the conversion rate of page entries from Google Analytics. (This can help you optimize the page)

Tip : By choosing average position , you can find out about the position of keywords in the desired time period.

If you intend to learn Google search console professionally, we recommend reading the article on Search Console training .

Troubleshooting the decrease in site page traffic and SEO ranking

The decrease in the traffic of the site pages or the drop in the ranking of the keywords can have various reasons, and without viewing the site, it is not possible to talk about how to fix the problem. Because there is no single solution to even the same problems. But still we can use some points to start.

First, ask the following questions and answer them:

  1. Is the content of the pages old or very old?
  2. Check the internal and external links (backlinks) to make sure if there has been an attack on the site?
  3. Expand your research to see if the drop in traffic is specific to one page or does it include categories and overall site traffic?
  4. Does that page have other keywords that will send traffic to it?
  5. What is the page speed, user experience and content of the new pages that the main keywords are displayed with?
  6. Is it possible that the website has been hacked?
  7. Have you accidentally used noindex metatag in the txt file?
  8. Has the way Google results are displayed changed? For example, you may be the 1st Google link, but the addition of product boxes or maps related to local businesses will cause your site to be moved to the lower sections.

Bad SEO practices are also one of the reasons that can harm website traffic. for example:

  • Setting up a private blogging network
  • Getting excessive and irrelevant backlinks from EDU educational domains
  • Low quality paid backlinks
  • and other cases