19 spectacular images of black panthers in Indian forests

19 spectacular images of black panthers in Indian forests

Filmmaker And Wildlife Photographer Shaz Jang Grew Up Amidst The Awe Of India’s Mighty Forests. The First Time Zhang Could See A Black Panther In The Forest, He Fell In Love With It And Decided To Start Photographing This Fascinating Animal.

Shaz Jang, a wildlife photographer, and filmmaker grew up in southern India amidst this beautiful peninsula’s dense and mysterious forests. Shaz’s access to the best national parks in India made him find his passion and path and allowed his talent to flourish.

The forest is a mysterious labyrinth waiting for us to discover its mysteries. Every day I spent in the woods was like a puzzle for me, which I had to solve by putting together the puzzle pieces and discovering the deep secrets of the forest.

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A rare black panther roaming in the forest / Shaz Jag

After Shaz Jang saw the beauty and majesty of the black Panther for the first time, his passion for it turned into a fascination, and he decided to dedicate his photography project to this black beauty.

The camera allowed me to take pictures, capture moments, love life, and inspire the world. Wildlife is unpredictable, and I love to follow my subjects before I shoot them to get to know them better.

Black panther in the tree / Shaz Jag

Black panther in Indian jungle/ Shaz Jag

In pursuit of his dream, Shaz Jang spent two years searching the cabin forest in Karnataka, India and came home with the most beautiful photos of one of the most magnificent wild animals.

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From December 2017 to January 2020, two and a half years of my life and the film crew spent filming in the cabin forest until we produced a documentary about the black Panther for National Geographic.

Shaz Jang, the photography director of the project, said that every day of this project was like a journey into the unknown. Trying to uncover the secrets of Black Panther has been one of the most challenging projects Zhang has ever worked on.

Black panther with African panther / Chaz Jag

Black panther in the jungle of India / Shaz Jag

Indian Black Panther / Shaz Jag

The black Panther is a panther species with a lot of melanin. Unlike other felines, only one black Panther is in the cabin forest. This makes it much more challenging to photograph. Having said that, since 2015, some lucky photographers were able to see the only black Panther in the forest and take pictures of him; But Shaz Jang and his film team are the first to make an entire film about Black Panthers. Working on the project introduced Jang and the film crew to waiting and being patient.

Jang thanks the Karnataka Forest Department for protecting these forests and says that its hard work has enabled them to document the splendor of the black Panther that roams the forests of India happily and healthily.

Black panther lurking in the tree / Shaz Jag

Black panther in the Indian forest on a tree / Shaz Jag

Black panther eating water / Shaz Jag

Black Panther in the Dark Forest/ Shaz Jag

Jang’s work in photographing wildlife over the years is not in vain. Jang has not only traveled to the most beautiful places on the planet and seen many beautiful creatures, but now he has also become the ambassador of Nikon India and Samsung. In his spare time, Jang also runs safari lodges in South India and East Africa, where he organizes memorable safaris for wildlife enthusiasts.

Black Panther Prabhat / Shaz Jag

Black panther eating water / Shaz Jag

Black panther and herd of deer/ Shaz Jag

A black panther resting on a tree / Shaz Jag

Black Panther Portrait / Shaz Jag

Black Panther in the Dark Forest/ Shaz Jag

A black panther next to an African panther/ Shaz Jag

A black panther on a tree in the forest of South India / Shaz Jag


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