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15 Ways To Increase Instagram Followers

From its inception as an entertainment software for children and teens, Instagram quickly became an important platform for marketing, sales, networking, and audience creation for individuals and brands.

 The platform is one of the most popular social networks in the world with more than 200 million monthly active users, uploading more than 60 million content per day and exchanging 1.6 billion likes per day.

 Now in such an atmosphere, how should the number of followers be increased? With Ytyrsan and 15 ways to increase your cell Instagram Followers Fruitful theme.

In this article, we provide ideas for captioning images, hashtags, user profiles and other things so that you can share better posts on this social network and also increase Instagram followers and increase the rate of interaction with users.

1. Create a well-known hashtag to increase your Instagram followers

Custom, custom or well-known hashtags allow you to create a collection of top posts. When someone finds you through purpose; It is very likely that it will follow you after seeing your main posts.

You can create a custom hashtag for each of your Instagram campaigns. In some cases, this will work better than your business hashtag or company name hashtag. 

In fact, campaign hashtags are often used by followers, and those followers, by attracting the attention of their followers, cause them to follow you, and this leads to an increase in Instagram followers.

2. Mutually promote your own hashtag

It’s great to have a hashtag dedicated to your brand; But do others know this special hashtag? Write it in your profile, take the hashtag out of the online space and use it in banner ads, store stands and anywhere else that has a name for you, so that others can get acquainted with it and increase Instagram followers.

If you have a program on radio and television; Ask people to use your hashtag. Make sure your hashtag is used on other social networks as well, and place your online and offline ads around that hashtag. Do not stop hoping that people will find your hashtag and do something yourself to make your hashtag stand out.

3. Use your industry-specific hashtag

You want followers who are interested in what you offer, and using hashtags that are not specific to your industry will increase your limited Instagram followers. So you need to use hashtags in your posts that your target audience will search for.

The more special you are, the more people will be interested in your business and the more you will experience an increase in Instagram followers. 

In addition, using more accurate hashtags will reduce the number of competitors who have the same audience as you, and as a result, your accounts will be easier to find and easier to follow.

4. Do not be bored to increase Instagram followers

When it comes to captions on Instagram, you have to look beyond writing specific hashtags and one word. It is true that they can be used; But combine them with your caption and use the hashtag to tell a part of your story. Write sarcastically and ironically and do not get bored.

5. Use event-related hashtags

Event hashtags include annual conferences, seminars and workshops related to your field of work. Well-known events in your region, country, or world that engage the minds of the masses at a particular time are also good choices.

These hashtags are suitable for familiar and ordinary posts. For example, when our national football team plays with the hashtag of this game, publish a photo or share it with related hashtags in religious postal ceremonies.

 Of course, this may not increase Instagram followers due to its popularity; But it also allows others to recognize your business and eventually become your follower.

6. Participate in public debates

15 ways to increase Instagram followers

In each post, use related topic hashtags as well as popular and well-known hashtags. Specific hashtags are like long keywords and reach a larger target community and help you find the right people; But trending hashtags make more people know you.

Remember that popular hashtags should not be part of your overall strategy. They attract a general audience; But social media marketing has its own place in success.

 Because they can make you more visible and engage, and will probably increase your Instagram followers. You will need both public and private hashtags to grow on an Instagram-sized network.

7. Work on your bio to increase Instagram followers

Your profile is your most important asset. Do you really want to put only the home page of your site in your bio and never change it? You should change it at least twice a week and put a link in your bio that will direct users to the latest and most popular content on your site.

8. Your captions are descriptive

A picture is worth a thousand words; But words cannot be deleted altogether. The official National Geographic page makes great use of storytelling alongside its images for interaction and sharing.

 While traditional media are almost extinct; National Geographic has advanced with the digital world and has become one of the top Instagram brands with 146 million followers.

This method, like the other methods introduced in this article, will lead to an increase in Instagram followers over time, and you should stick to it. Do not worry about fear and stress at work first; Over time, as your music finds, so will your content.

9. Use Influencer Marketing to increase your Instagram followers

15 ways to increase Instagram followers

Log in to influencer profiles and turn on their mail notifications to be notified whenever you post. Then you can interact with them regularly and become one of their favorite brands and promote your products and increase your Instagram followers.

10. Remove unwanted tagged photos from your profile

If you want to have relevant and favorite content of your followers in your profile; Just hide the photos that others have tagged you in your profile. Hiding is better than cleaning and less hassle.

11. Confirm tagged photos before they appear on your profile

On Instagram, you can set the images that are tagged not to be displayed in your profile without your approval. This will prevent unwanted posts in the profile and make it easier for you to control your profile.

12. Design your own style to increase your Instagram followers

It is human nature to conform to circumstances; But on Instagram, you have to be different. Think of the well-known pages you follow. Don’t you know the page at a glance every time they share a post? 

This is the power of design style. Design your page so that your audience can quickly recognize you and see the order in your business. No one likes to buy from someone who is a slut and has no plans for their business.

13. Act regionally

15 ways to increase Instagram followers

Go to the search page and select the Places section. See what’s going on in a particular area (for example, your area, the city you targeted for advertising, or even an event in a specific location). 

Then type in the location name to see all posts with location tags in that area.

14. Interact with your audience

Instagram, like other social networks, is a conversation platform, not just a medium. What do you need to do to get them to you? If you do not know, start over and think about it. 

Respond to and interact with audience comments in posts. Do not let them think that they are dealing with a robot that only publishes mail.

15. Avoid these hashtags to increase Instagram followers

Your goal is to increase your Instagram followers, which will eventually lead to more sales. There are hashtags that increase your followers ; But these followers are not what you expect.

 It is important to know these hashtags and avoid them and attract valuable followers. Some of these hashtags could be;

follow #
followme #
followback #
pleasefollow #
follow4follow # یا (f4f #)

If quality is important to you and you want to have real followers, never use these hashtags. It is true that using these hashtags may increase your followers a bit;

 But if you want to increase your real Instagram followers,

you really do not need to do this and you can use more hashtags using the methods mentioned above.

Tag other Instagram users

Think your Instagram post will be of interest to other brands or to Instagram influencers? Want to get the attention of someone you admire? Hope to thank a celebrity or influencer who is working with your brand? Tag them in your caption.

This shows you value that person, but it also increases the chance of that user’s following of seeing your post. Because they can easily share it to their Story. And that increases your Instagram engagement!


The clothing brand Aerie uses celebrities, like Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman, to promote its clothing and its corporate values. The brand always tags those individuals in its captions.