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14 Fascinating Series For Game Of Thrones Lovers; Apart From Game Of Thrones, What Series Should We Watch?

Game of Thrones is over; But his memory remains. Many are looking for a replacement after the end of this popular series

Game of Thrones game Probably nothing can replace; But if you are a fan of this series, you may also enjoy watching the series on this list.

You may be surprised to hear some of these letters. You may be wondering where this is, where it is! Many in the fantasy genre and in the medieval space are looking for TV products similar to Game of Thrones; But the brilliant elements of Game of Thrones, from politics to family controversy, can in turn be appealing to the viewer.

All the series in this list are in a special way reminiscent of the Game of Thrones game for those who are interested in this series. Here you and these 14 series that watching them bring to life the memory of Game of Thrones:

1. Succession ( Succession )

The power struggle in this series is reminiscent of Game of Thrones

Anyone who has enjoyed watching the tense family relationship and power struggle in it can enjoy the same elements in the Succession series. If you are interested in watching Tyrion Lannister, who pursues his goals through politics, I recommend putting a successor on your watch list.


The successor is the story of the Roy family, who struggle to secure their future after their father steps down from their imperial presidency.

This series is a brilliant combination of drama and comedy with multi-layered characters. Jeremy Strong (Kendall) has similarities with Theon Greyjoy!

2. Boys ( The Boys )

The Boys series can be a good alternative to Game of Thrones in many ways

The revolution that Game of Thrones created in the fantasy genre was set up by the boys in the superhero genre. Everyone who liked Game of Thrones because of its unparalleled show of fantasy combined with unbridled politics and power also enjoys the Boys series.

Boys show quite frankly what happens when superheroes use their power in the wrong way; Superheroes with popularity at the level of celebrities and influential politicians, who sometimes even have godly respect!

The same correct approach that it  had to the fantasy genre, the boys have to the superhero genre. After watching this series, you can no longer watch Marvel movies as before.

3. Avatar: The Last Airbender

The powerful fantasy of this series makes it a good replacement for Game of Thrones

“Avatar: The Last Bad Tool” is a six-dimensional adventure fantasy with brilliant personality arcs . If you love fantasy chests and Game of Thrones adventures, you should not miss this series. Now, unlike Game of Thrones, all family members can enjoy watching the series together.

In the past 3 seasons, the series follows the story of Avatar, a 12-year-old villain. This not-so-responsible child is apparently the last hope for the salvation of his tribe. The series, which has created brilliant characters during this time, strikes a good balance between childish pleasures and risk-taking in the entertainment industry.

4. The Leftovers

Bitter though with a different fantasy, the survivors are as powerful as Game of Thrones.

If you like the bitterness of Game of Thrones, you will probably enjoy the different fantasy of this series. Survivors, which has only 3 seasons, is one of the best TV productions of the last decade. Anyone who has loved the breathtaking and sometimes frustrating moments of Game of Thrones (such as the emotional scenes of a bloody wedding) will experience a similar passion by watching the beautifully portrayed story of grief and loss in the series.

5. Downton Abbey

Danton Abbey can be reminiscent of Game of Thrones in many ways

This historical series like Game of Thrones is full of fascinating sub-characters! In addition, Ian Glenn (played by Jura Mormont) and Rose Leslie (played by Igrit) also starred in Danton Abbey. Strong acting group and commendable costume design are other aspects of the similarity between the two series.

The story of the Crawley family and the servants of Danton Abbey, which underwent a major transformation after the sinking of the Titanic, is like a Game of Thrones drama with a family-centered multi-generational presence.

Danton Abbey is not as bitter as the Game of Thrones; But there are a few surprising deaths and small stories about sexual assault.

6. Watchmen ( Watchmen )

How and when to adapt the main effect is the most important similarity of the guards with Game of Thrones

Like Game of Thrones, the series showed how different characters and stories can be created while adapting from the original source. You are probably aware of the conflicts between the creators of Game of Thrones and the author of the books in this series. Watching the Guardians, by creating a similar experience, opens a new window for fans of its book collection.

The Guardians has been the most influential HBO series since Game of Thrones. The series has both a sense of nostalgia for a progressive and original comic novel and an attempt to create its own pristine elements. The main star of the series, Regina King , is very bright. You are doing yourself a great favor by watching this series.

7. Vstvrld ( Westworld )

Ramin Javadi's heartwarming music is the most important reminder of Game of Thrones in Westworld

For Game of Thrones fans to be convinced to watch this series, maybe just two words are enough: Ramin Javadi! Javadi also showed his brilliant talent in arranging and creating the music of this series. Westworld is an ambitious series that, like Game of Thrones, had unparalleled achievements.

The series begins with a breathtaking contrast and explores artificial intelligence in the not-too-distant future in the Wild West . In a world where all human desires can be satisfied, Westworld speaks of a change in the concept of sin and tells the story of man-made artificial humans as if they were more conscientious than real humans.

8. Penny Dreadful

Penny Dardol can satisfy Game of Thrones fans in many ways

The main thing that reminds us of Game of Thrones in Penny Dardwell is its terrifying atmosphere and of course the English accent of the characters. Penny Dardwell brilliantly combines 19th century Gothic legends from Dorian Gray to Dracula.

In the psychological horror genre, Penny Dardwell introduces the most famous classic monsters into the world of ordinary people. The series begins where Sir Malcolm enlists the help of an American weekly shooter and an enlightened woman with supernatural abilities to find her daughter and save her from demonic forces.

9. In the Badlands ( Into the Badlands )

In Badlands, it can satisfy Game of Thrones fans in many ways

The most important element of this series, which is attractive to Game of Thrones fans, is its action and in the next step, its master story. The series, which began in 2015 at the height of the Game of Thrones popularity, is one of the few Hollywood series with an Asian championship.

In the Badlands, it is the story of a future in which human civilization is back to a serfdom system and the lords control the people with their money and mercenaries. In this series, like Game of Thrones, you will see a variety of colorful scenes. Action scenes have no words either.


10. Fear ( The Terror )

The horror series can satisfy Game of Thrones fans in various ways

Hidden horror and evil characters in the winter are the most important elements of this series with Game of Thrones. Using a true story, the series tells the story of two English ships in the mid-nineteenth century who are trapped by the cold and ice of the polar lands. In the meantime, a mysterious creature is hunting for them.

Chapter 2 deals with the most overlooked part of World War II: the story of the Japanese-Americans who were forced to live in special camps; But the first season will no doubt remind you of Game of Thrones. Kieran Hinds, the actor who plays Mans Reader in Game of Thrones, has a strong presence in the first season.

11. Vikings

The Vikings are also attractive to Game of Thrones fans

This series is generally attractive for gamers of Game of Thrones. The Vikings were touted as rivals to Game of Thrones because of European myths, extreme violence, and bearded white men; But instead of fantasy, the series borrows more from the historical tales of Ragnar Lodbrook’s collection of legends; A farmer who became king of Scandinavia and invaded England and France.

Interestingly, on virtual social media, there is often a heated debate between fans of the two series. Now that the series is in its sixth season, it’s a good time to watch it in its entirety.

12. The Witcher

Witcher is reminiscent of Game of Thrones in many ways

Witcher’s main similarity to Game of Thrones is the violence in the fantasy world, which is ironically adapted from the book series. Witcher is more than a simple alternative to Game of Thrones; In addition to the 8-volume book collection, Witcher also has three video games that critics consider to be one of the best in the entertainment world.

The series is an adaptation of a collection of Witcher novels by Polish author Andrei Sapkowski and a collection of video games. Witcher is the story of Geralt Rivia (played by Henry Coyle) who kills monsters for money. If you love fantasy, do not miss this series.

13. Nvrsmn ( Norsemen )

This Viking comedy series can be attractive for Game of Thrones fans

Another series about the Vikings. When it comes to the Vikings and the cold lands of northern Europe, one subconsciously remembers Game of Thrones! But instead of violence and sadness, watching Norse brings laughter to your lips.

Norsman is a comedy series in the size of a valuable fantasy drama with jokes like The Office jokes. The series tells the story of the people of Nurheim village who struggle to make a living, to cope with rival tribes and to control Roman slaves.


14. Range ( The Expanse )

Some consider the series to be a space game of Thrones

The scope of the story is the struggles of several different regions for power; This is the main element of Game of Thrones. The range is not one of those common science-fiction series that takes place on spaceships and deals with space creatures; Just as Game of Thrones was not an ordinary magical fantasy. Some consider space to be a Game of Thrones space!

The series, adapted from a long book series, is the story of a future that humans have been able to inhabit on other planets in the system; But he still seeks more power with the same prejudices and mistakes he has always made. It is a series that has a fan base; So much so that after the network was canceled by Amazon, Amazon stepped forward to continue.


The last word

Finding an alternative to our favorite series is never easy; If it’s Game of Thrones, it’s even harder! But you can always find series that are similar to our favorite series in certain respects. what do you think? Were you able to find a series to replace you after Game of Thrones? What do you think about the series on this list? What other series do you suggest?