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13 ideas for a day trip around Tehran in different seasons of the year

Adventure in natural and historical phenomena and enjoying tourist and recreational attractions is one of the most lovable parts of every person’s life.

Tehran , If there were no time or financial constraints, most of us humans would probably be traveling and adventureing with a backpack . But there are trips that do not involve time constraints and we can experience them in one day, at a reasonable financial cost. 

In this article, we have some interesting suggestions for the capitalists. We try to introduce you to ideas for a day trip around Tehran.

In this article, we will introduce you to the attractions around Tehran that you will have the opportunity to visit and explore in one day. 

The variety of the “How” list for day trips around Tehran is such that you have travel options in four seasons. So pack your backpack before it’s too late and travel around the capital with “How” to experience a lovely journey.

1. Vashi Strait: River climbing experience

One of the most enjoyable destinations for day trips around Tehran is the Vashi Strait River, which is about 170 km from the capital. Therefore, if you decide to explore this cool mountainous area on a hot summer day, you should drive about 3 hours to reach the river and the plain of this spectacular paradise in the city of Firoozkooh.

30 Vashi Strait – Day trips around Tehran Vashi Strait begins with a river climb in the first strait called Vashi. The most fascinating part of this cool trip is spent in this river and the clear flow of water calms you down. As you cross the river and pass behind small and large cliffs, you will see one of the most spectacular inscriptions from the Qajar period on the wall of the gorge. 

This beautiful inscription depicts one of the hunting scenes of Fath Ali Shah Qajar in Savashi plain. After climbing the river, this heavenly plain is in front of you. This enchanting plain, with its green and simple expanse, takes the tiredness of the path out of your body and gives you the opportunity to relax under the shade of the trees and watch the view of the mountains raised and stretched in the clouds.

What to do after resting in Savashi plain?

Savashi plain - one day Asfar around Tehran
Savashi Plain – Photo by Nastaran Fotouhi

After resting in this plain, you should start another river in the second strait, which is called Sa Strait. This route is easier to cross than the first strait, and the river has less water flow and depth. At the end of this path, a spectacular waterfall awaits you.

The best travel season

Due to the cool climate of this region, all summer and late spring are the best times to visit.

Access path

Enter Damavand Road from Tehran. After leaving the campus, enter Firoozkooh Road. Enter Vashi Strait Road and after passing Jalizjand village, you will reach your destination.

2. Spectacular views of Lavasan and Latian Dam

Lavasan - A day trip around Tehran
Lavasan – One day trips around Tehran

For day trips around Tehran, we have an extraordinary offer for you and that is Lavasan in Shemiranat city. This pleasant region is a valley belonging to the slopes of the Alborz mountain range and is about 14 km northeast of Tehran. For the capital, Lavasan is one of the most popular summer areas for day trips and, due to its green nature, has a spectacular view of the slopes of Alborz. 

The flow of Jajrud River gives this area a pleasant freshness. On its way, this river joins the Latian Dam Lake. This lake has doubled the beauty of Lavasan and, with its water expanse, has given an attractive view to this region.

Lavasan Garden is known for its clean and pleasant climate and, for this reason, this area can be a destination for day trips around Tehran all year round. 

In addition to its pleasant and clean climate, in spring and summer with its lushness and freshness, in autumn with its thousand-colored trees and in winter with the winter view of its mountains, it keeps the capitals away from the tiredness and pollution of Tehran and invites them to watch the scenery. he does.

Lavasan - A day trip around Tehran
Lavasan – Photo by Behrouz Yavarian

The best travel season

It is a good destination for a day trip all year round.

Spring and summer: In these seasons, you will experience one of the most pleasant summers around Tehran in Lavasan.

Autumn: Cold but clean autumn weather in Lavasan is a good opportunity to get rid of air pollution in Tehran this season of the year and, in addition, enjoy the colorful view of nature.

Winter: Low winter temperatures do not prevent you from traveling to Lavasan this season. In fact, Lavasan winters are not annoying, and if you are a little equipped with the cold, you will experience a journey full of pleasure and you will be delighted to see the snowy landscape.

Access path

Move to the northeast of Tehran and enter Shahid Babaei Highway. Eventually, you will enter Lashkar Gah Road. After crossing the twists and turns of this road, you will enter Lavasan area.

3. Gerchal plain in Afjeh village

Afjeh village - a day trip around Tehran
Afjeh village – day trips around Tehran

Another attractive destination for day trips is a village called Afjeh, which is located approximately 8 km from Lavasan. The plain of Gerchal or the plain of carrots above this summer and mountainous village is a well-known area and many Tehranians travel to Afjeh village and its vast plain to spend a happy and fun day. 

Presence in the vast and scenic nature, which was once the land of orange carrots, and in the fresh air and under the clear blue sky, will make a pleasant experience of day trips around Tehran.

Gerchal plain is located in the northeastern part of Lavasan and above Afjeh village. Although today there is no news of orange carrots in this vast plain, but before this plain, many parts of Afjeh were painted cherry orchards with red color and made a spectacular combination with the greenery of walnut orchards. 

The spectacular views of the Gerchal plain and the village of Afjeh become more spectacular with the crossing of the river Afjeh and Tabla, and the winters of this village, despite the low temperature, are considered a destination for day trips. 

Mountaineering and climbing enthusiasts will also have a good opportunity in Afjeh village and, in addition to climbing, they will experience a pleasant nature tour by passing through this picturesque village and the vast plain of carrots .

Afjeh village - a day trip around Tehran
Afjeh village – Photo by Saeed Atai

The best travel season

It can be a good destination for a day trip all year round.

Spring: With the renewal of the earth, the green nature of Afjeh village will be wonderful.

Summer: The favorable temperature and cool climate of the summer village of Afjeh make sightseeing on a hot summer day a joyful journey. But it is better not to go to the carrot plain this season, because the heat and lack of shade will make things very difficult.

Autumn and winter: The colorful autumn nature and the white-clad mountains of Afjeh village are spectacular and its clean air is a good opportunity to say goodbye to the constant air pollution of Tehran in the second half of the year. Of course, do not forget that this is an autumn or winter trip to the mountains. Therefore, do not forget the special equipment and travel accessories , such as warm clothes, tire chains, etc.

Access path

Move to the northeast of Tehran. Drive on Shahid Babaei Highway and then cross Lashgarak Road. After reaching Lavasan, move to the northeast of this area. Drive on Imam Khomeini Boulevard and finally enter Lavasan Road to the sink. After about 8 km away from Lavasan, you will reach Afjeh village.

4. Lar plain: a paradise on the edge of Damavand

Dasht-e Lar - A day trip around Tehran
Lar plain – day trips around Tehran

Our offers for day trips around Tehran are very diverse and one of the most attractive offers is the paradise area called Dasht-e Lar at the foot of the ever-stable peak of Damavand. This paradise plain, which is also called Lar National Park, is considered a protected area and hunting is prohibited there. 

This paradise plain has good access from Tehran, Amol and Damavand and is famous for its bright anemones. Lar National Park, with an area of ​​about 31,000 hectares, takes your mind away.

 You have entered one of the most beautiful natures of northern Iran that you have seen in colorful paintings of nature. The presence of the magnificent peak of Damavand, the blue sky and the cream-colored clouds in the plain that works as far as the eye can see, the color play of nature is the most beautiful frame that you have to record with your camera.

Variety of plants and animals

Shaghayegh Lar Plain - A day trip around Tehran
Shaghayegh Lar plain – day trips around Tehran

Animal species in Lar National Park are very diverse. Animals such as leopards, bears, jackals, deer, golden eagles, mountain goats and… live in this national park. A rare species of red-spotted trout also lives in the Lar River and Lake. Among the plant species of this region, we can name thyme , chicory , sage , barberry , licorice , yarrow, angelica and hundreds of other plants. 

The aroma of these plants intoxicates you in Lar plain. When we talk about the flowers of Lar plain, the red flowers of anemone come to mind. The presence of these flowers makes Lar an irreplaceable paradise in late spring. 

Of course, the size of the larva is not covered only by anemones, and fragrant flowers such as wild violet and yellow flowers complete the beauty of the larva.

Lar Dam Lake and Divasiab Lake are other attractions of Lar and have made this area scenic. Rivers such as Sefid Ab, Lar and… pass through Lar plain on their way and make life flow in this heavenly plain.

The best travel season

Despite all its beauty in the four seasons of the year, spring, especially from May to late June, is the best time to visit the Lar plain and tourists travel to Damavand to see the flower plain of this spectacular paradise.

Access path

From Tehran, move east and enter Damavand Road and then reach Abali Road. Drive towards Amol on Abali Road to reach Pleur Highway. Finally, move on to Dalichai. Arriving at Mabbani, you have actually reached the eastern entrance of Lar Park.

Note: Due to the fact that Lar plain is a protected area, you can only go to the surrounding area by car.

5. Fasham: A destination for day trips

Fasham - A day trip around Tehran
Fasham – Photo by Milad Musaipour

Other destinations for day trips around Tehran include the Fasham area, which is a summer resort in the Shemiranat area and is about 28 km northeast of Tehran. Fasham is one of the three regions of Oshan, Fasham and Meghun, and with its pleasant and cool climate, it is a destination for the capitals.

 The lush villages and gardens of this region have a pleasant atmosphere and offer you heavenly views. Ahar, Shokrab, Eagle and Baghgol are the villages of this region which becomes one of the most pleasant and charming areas around Tehran in spring and summer.

Fashm’s autumn and winter face is also spectacular. The garden city of Fasham becomes a dream land with its thousand autumn trees. The whiteness of Fasham in winter and the snowfall in this region have caused the ski slopes of this region to have their own traveler this season.

The best travel season

Fasham is one of the most pleasant destinations in the four seasons of the year. The nature of the fish will be remarkable in the spring with the renewal of the earth. To escape the hot days of Tehran in summer, be sure to visit Fasham. If you are a little equipped with the autumn cold of the region, you will enjoy the colorful face of Fasham this season.

 Fasham winters are popular with ski slopes, including Shemshak, and therefore, every year in this cold season, Fasham is one of the most attractive snow destinations for travelers.

Access path

Move northeast of Tehran. Enter Shahid Babaei Highway and then Lashkar Gah Road. Continue on Oshan Fashm Road and enter Zaygan Road. You will take a short walk on Salamat Road to reach Fashm.

6. Shahrestanak: Beheshti near Tehran

Shahrestanak - A day trip around Tehran
Shahrestanak – One day trips around Tehran

This time we are going to a destination in the west of Tehran. A pleasant village on Chalous Road, which was once a destination for Qajar kings. Shahrestanak is located on Chalous Road and north of Tochal Mountain and is about 100 km away from the capital. This village is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas that you can choose for day trips around Tehran.

In addition to the enchanting beauties of nature and pristine climate in this region, the palace of Nasser al-Din Shah and the Qajar inscription in Shahrestanak has also given this region a historical feature. Shahrestanak has unique faces in each season and each of the faces is spectacular. One of the most attractive seasons in this region is the autumn deciduous season. 

If you are looking for the dream autumn alleys that you have always seen in postcards, Shahrestanak will show you their real picture. This is enough to make this region an extraordinary choice and we can confidently add its name to the list of day trips around Tehran.

Fruits and green nature of Shahrestanak

Shahrestanak - A day trip around Tehran
Shahrestanak – One day trips around Tehran

Orchards have given life to Shahrestanak. One of the most famous garden fruits of this region is its delicious apricots, which appear on the branches with the beginning of summer. In addition to alleys, the presence of springs, rivers and waterfalls has made the nature of this area more spectacular. 

But the most important trace of nature in Shahrestanak is the juniper tree, which is very valuable among the locals due to its age and is said to belong to 2800 years ago. Do not miss the instructions of the local people while watching this eternal work of nature.

Shahrestanak is a great opportunity to take a day in the dreamy alleys of the season and enjoy the smoke-free nature and clean mountain air.

The best travel season

Shahrestanak village is very attractive for travelers in all four seasons of the year. In the spring, trees and gardens bloom and very cool weather surrounds the area. Summer will show you one of the most beautiful faces of Shahrestanak. The orchards are fertile, the nature is full of greenery, and the clean and cool air will be a boon on hot days of the year.

 You will see the most poetic days of Shahrestanak in autumn. The colorful and leafy autumn alleys will be a good opportunity for photography. Do not forget warm clothes to withstand the scorching heat of autumn. 

The winter cold of this region will be a little hard for the people of Tehran, but if you are a little equipped against the cold, you will never forget to see the beautiful and winter face of Shahrestanak.

Access path

Move towards Karaj and enter Chalous Road. After crossing the Asara region, Chenarestan and Dardeh, you will reach a crossroads. One direction of this crossroads is Shahrestanak road and it leads you to the destination.

7. Barghan village: a delicious destination for Tehranians

Barghan - A day trip around Tehran
Barghan – One day trips around Tehran

In the city of Savojbolagh, in Alborz province, there is a village that is famous for its delicious plums and green tomatoes. Barghan village is undoubtedly one of the most attractive areas of Alborz province and can be an unforgettable destination for day trips around Tehran and Karaj. Berghan is about 13 km from Karaj and about 80 km from Tehran. 

The beauties of Berghan start from its road. The murmur of the intertwined branches of the trees, the blue sky, and the flowing life of the river adorn the road as if you were walking in a corridor leading to heaven. 

The tourist village of Barghan is a collection of natural attractions and, in addition to the mountainous landscapes of the southern slopes of Alborz, its lush orchards with delicious fruits and its roaring rivers have made this city popular among tourists.

One of the most amazing natural phenomena of the ancient plantain is that it has risen in the courtyard of the mosque of this village. This tree will be one of the most special trees you have ever seen and its characteristics are not limited to its stature and longevity.

 A strange feature of this tree is its empty trunk, which today is shaped like a room with a pond in the middle.

 There are other old trees in this village that are spectacular and will amaze you. In addition to natural beauties, buildings such as the Grand Mosque, the historic bridge over the Shahroud River, mourning pillars, the old bath and caravanserai are other sights of Barghan.

Barghan - A day trip around Tehran
Barghan – One day trips around Tehran

The best travel season

Spring, summer and autumn

Spring and summer: This village blooms with the beginning of the new year and with the arrival of summer, in addition to enjoying the climate of this region, you can take delicious and sour green tomatoes with you as a souvenir.

Autumn: Wash your opponent against the autumn cold by wearing warm clothes and suitable equipment and do not miss the thousand-colored view of Barghan.

Winter: The whiteness of winter is spectacular in Barghan, but the cold of this region is severe and, for this reason, it is better not to travel to this region in winter.

Access path

Move towards Karaj and continue your way on Karaj highway to Qazvin. Cross the Kurdish bridge and enter the Kurdish Martyrs Boulevard. Finally, go to Barghan Road to reach your destination.

8. Kordan village: Impressive greenery of nature

Kordan village - a day trip around Tehran
Kordan village – day trips around Tehran

In the west of Tehran and at a distance of approximately 65 km, Kordan is located one of the most pleasant villages of Savojbolagh city. Kordan village is one of the functions of Alborz province and is about 20 km away from Karaj. This village is also very close to Kuhsar and is located about 6 km away.

 In this beautiful and glazed village, the construction of luxury villas and houses is very prosperous and you will see less of a rural texture. One of the attractive features of this luxury village is the roaring Kurdish river and its lush orchards. 

In these orchards, a variety of apricots, cherries, cherries and berries can be seen. The flow of life in the Kordan River is such that most of your photos will turn green.

Historical attractions

Kordan Tomb Tower - A day trip around Tehran
Kurdish tomb tower

The mausoleum tower with its spectacular circular architecture is one of the historical attractions of the Kurds and, according to historical evidence, dates back to the Seljuk era. According to local people, the tomb tower is the tomb of Imamzadeh Hussein from the family of Imam Sajjad (AS).

 The invigorating nature around the tower has added to its beauty, and eventually the area has become a spectacular frame of natural and historical attractions.

The best travel season

Spring, summer and autumn

Spring: In front of spring trees and watching the drinking nature of the Kurds is spectacular this season.

Summer: You can experience a cool summer with a variety of delicious seasonal fruits in Kurdistan.

Autumn: The colorful cover of autumn trees gives a poetic and dreamy view to the village of Kordan, which is worth watching the low temperature of the season.

Winter: This season also has its beauty, but the weather and the route can reduce the joy of travel.

Access path

Drive to Karaj. Enter the Qazvin freeway and finally, after reaching the crossroads, enter the Boulevard of the Martyrs of Kurdistan.

9. Taleghan: A day trip destination for Tehranians

Taleghan - A day trip around Tehran
Taleghan – Photo from Wikipedia

One of the most attractive destinations for day trips around Tehran is the city of Taleghan, which, with its nature and mild climate, makes many Tehranians prosperous and happy on weekends and weekends. Taleghan is located in Alborz province and its distance from Tehran is approximately 150 km and from Karaj is 94 km.

All the attractive features of nature, such as waterfalls, rivers, lakes, gardens and greenery, can be seen in this region of Iran. For fishing lovers, the Taleghan Dam on the Shahroud River is a wonderful opportunity to catch fish such as rainbow trout and carp and experience the pleasant tranquility of the lake.

Shala Ibn waterfall is one of the attractions of Taleghan, whose beauty begins with an adventure on the way to it. Another spectacular waterfall in this area is called Kirkboud and it is located in a village of the same name. The villages of Orazan, Dizan, Mir and Bazj are other places of interest in Taleghan.

The best travel season

spring and summer

Spring: With the renewal of the earth, Taleghan takes on a legendary face. Be sure to dedicate a spring day to this area and its beauties.

Summer: Taleghan is a summer and pleasant climate and has a cool and lush summer. This season is a good opportunity to go to the colorful orchards.

Autumn and winter: In Taleghan, colorful autumn and winter-covered mountains are also spectacular. But do not forget that in the second half of the year the cold of this region can be severe.

Access path

Drive from Tehran to Karaj. Continue your route on the Karaj-Qazvin highway and finally turn towards Taleghan Road.

10. The rocky land of Verdij and Varish villages

Verdij village - a day trip around Tehran
Verdij village – Photo by Hadi Nikkhah

To get away from the hustle and bustle of Tehran and its gray air, the villages of Verdij and Varish will be an unforgettable destination. These villages These villages are located in the northwest of Tehran, in the Kan region, and are part of the city of Tehran, and have recently been included in the 22nd district of the capital.

The clean mountainous air of this region has caused many Tehranians to spend their weekends in this region. Beautiful and winding roads reach Verdage and then the rain appears in this direction. 

The beautiful village of Verdij is inhabited by many rivers and springs, and for this reason, in its corners, various orchards of various fruits such as apples , chard, walnuts and walnuts have been planted.

Sights of Verdij

Varish - A day trip around Tehran
Varish village – day trips around Tehran

The three waterfalls of Latmal and the mountain range of stone ghosts are among the sights of Verdij. When you step on the foot of stone ghosts, you will see mysterious stone creatures with unknown identities. You might think there were humans or animals that turned to stone.

Finally, at the end of the road, you will see the village of Varish, which is more beautiful and green than Verdij. A variety of plum, chard, cherry and apricot orchards have greened the village.

The best travel season

spring and summer

Spring and summer: The unique beauty of nature art in this region in spring and summer is one of the most spectacular destinations and its cool mountain climate is an opportunity to enjoy the hot days of the year.

Autumn and winter: The colorful autumn trees and the completely white view of these villages will be a wonderful picture in winter. But do not forget that these mountainous areas are very cold and you have to be careful and equipped to drive on its snowy roads.

Access path

Drive on the Tehran-Karaj highway to reach the WordAward gas station. Then go to Ardestani Street. In this route, you will see the entrance of Verdage and Varish roads.

۱۱. Watch the ocean of clouds in Philband

Philband - A day trip around Tehran
Philband – Photo by Saeed Younesi

Philband can be understood as a cloud ocean in one word. This village is one of the most beautiful lush mountain villages, over which you can see a stream of floating clouds that go this way and that. Filband village is located in Babol city and Mazandaran province and is about 170 km away from Tehran.

If you want to arrange a day trip to this area, you should leave before sunrise so as not to shorten the time. On this trip, you can capture the dreamy beauties of this region with your camera lens. Take a walk in the corner of this green village and enjoy watching the rural life in the green and cloudy mountains.

The best time to travel

spring and summer

Spring: Philband has a varied climate this season, and you can wait for the sun shortly after the rain and see a large rainbow over the mountains.

Summer: Filband summer village is very cool in this season of the year and is a suitable destination for day trips around Tehran in summer.

Autumn and winter: In the second half of the year, due to severe cold weather and dangerous road conditions, it is not possible to travel to this area.

Access path

Enter Haraz Road and drive about 100 km to reach the Philband mountain side road.

Note: If you come with tours and travel buses, do not forget that on the mountain side route, large vehicles are not allowed and usually, to continue the journey, minibuses move people inside the bus.

12. Alimestan Forest: A foggy land

A day trip around Tehran - Alimestan forest
Alimestan Forest – Photo by Hossein Babaei

A trip to a forest land that has been made dreamy and mysterious by the fog will be a special and enjoyable experience. Alimestan forest will welcome you with its extremely beautiful vegetation and view of Damavand white peak. The name of this forest and its neighboring village is taken from a plant called Elima. This edible plant becomes green in May.

In the mountainous land of Alimestan, hike and capture the beauties of this pristine nature with a camera lens. This area is a good option in the list of day trips around Tehran. After almost 140 km, you will get rid of the tiredness of the city.

The best time to travel

spring and summer

Spring: Alimestan takes on charming faces in the spring, and by the middle of this season, its beauty will double.

Summer: To escape the harsh heat of the city, this forest will be an attractive destination.

Autumn: The colorful autumn cover of the forest creates a poetic atmosphere in Alimestan and is very spectacular. But the cold can be annoying.

Winter: The snow-covered forest is a spectacular and beautiful image, but the condition of the roads and the severe cold in this mountainous area prevent a comfortable trip to the forest.

Access path

Enter Haraz Road from Tehran. Drive on this road to reach the Imamzadeh side sign. Then move to the right. This winding path will take you to Alimestan.

13. Disney: Sweet winter fun

Disney - A day trip around Tehran
Disney – Day trips around Tehran

To enjoy the winter weather, we can introduce you to the Disney track in the list of day trips around Tehran. Dizin is one of the destinations in white, which is located in Alborz province and its distance from Tehran is 123 km and from Karaj is 89 km. There are a variety of winter sports and games such as skiing, snowboarding, cycling, etc. at Disney International.

 Also, a grass track has been established in this area so that on hot days, the pleasure of recreation and sports can be established in Disney. Be sure to try the Disney Cable Car and enjoy the heights.

The best travel season

Disneyland has its own special attraction for tourists all year round. But the best time to go to this area is early December to late May so that ski fans have a chance for this exciting sport.

Access path

Walk towards Karaj and enter Chalous Road. After entering Chalous Road, you have to go about 72 km and then enter Velayat-e-Rood road. From this point, you have about 13 km to reach your destination.

Where to go in different seasons?

Here we want to introduce you to a list of travel offers around Tehran for each season. Therefore, in addition to the items described, we provide you with a short list so that you can experience a pleasant day trip around the capital in each season. Some destinations may be shared in several seasons, and their beauty may not be limited to one season.

Ideas for a day trip around Tehran in the spring

Our offer to the capitals for a day trip in the spring days are:

  • Lavasan;
  • Gerchal plain and Afjeh village;
  • Lar plain;
  • Fasham and the pleasant villages of Rudbar Qasran region;
  • Shahrestanak;
  • Berghan;
  • kordan;
  • Taleghan;
  • Verdij and Varish;
  • Philband;
  • Alimestan forest and….

Ideas for a day trip around Tehran in summer

The best summer destinations are:

  • Vashi Strait;
  • Lavasan;
  • Gerchal plain and Afjeh village;
  • Lar plain;
  • Fasham and the pleasant villages of Rudbar Qasran region;
  • Shahrestanak;
  • Berghan;
  • kordan;
  • Taleghan;
  • Verdij and Varish;
  • Philband and….

Ideas for a day trip around Tehran in the fall

For autumn trips around Tehran, you can go to these areas:

  • kordan;
  • Lavasan;
  • Gerchal plain and Afjeh village;
  • Fasham and the pleasant villages of Rudbar Qasran region;
  • Taleghan;
  • Lar plain;
  • Shahrestanak;
  • Berghan;
  • Dizin and….

Ideas for a day trip around Tehran in winter

Despite the limitations that the weather creates for winter travel, there are areas around Tehran that make winter attractive to you. These areas are:

  • Fasham slopes and villages of Rudbar Qasran region;
  • Gerchal plain and Afjeh village;
  • Lavasan;
  • Disney;
  • Shahrestanak;
  • Taleghan;
  • Vardij….

Note: Do not forget that all these areas are very cold in winter and you should travel equipped and do not neglect the winter cover. The whitewashing of these winter destinations will be very enjoyable and, if used with caution, are good choices for an attractive snow game.

In the list of day trips around Tehran tried to hedonism and purest of choice for Tehran tours to introduce you to. If you have experienced another destination outside of this list, be sure to introduce it to us and our “how” companions at the end of this article. We hope you enjoy the memorable trips.