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12 Practical Tricks Of Telegram That Everyone Should Know

If you are also a user of the Telegram software, you may have encountered questions or problems while using it. 

In this article, we will review the 15 tips and tricks of Telegram, which will help you to use Telegram better and easier.

1. Manage media download in Telegram

Telegram allows you to send and receive media files up to 1.5 GB in size. Don’t have enough space to store large files? Or do you want to view the shared photos in the gallery? Disabling or activating “Save in Gallery” and “Auto-display GIFs” is super easy.

  • Android: Open Settings and click on “Auto Download Media”.
  • IPhone: Go to phone settings, click on “Privacy” and disable Telegram in the “Photos” section.

2. Secret conversation

If you want to make sure your conversations are secure, use this amazing Telegram feature. Once you start a secret meeting, you no longer have to worry about protecting your conversation. Hidden chat uses end-to-end encryption to create a message that is only visible to the sender and receiver. Just tap “New Message” and select “New Secret Conversation”.

3. Self-destruct timer in secret conversations

Use this Telegram feature if you are concerned about the privacy of your messages while chatting in secret. With this feature, messages you send in secret chat will be automatically deleted within a time limit set by you. If you want to access it, just open the Telegram app and do the following:

  • Android: Tap the three-dot button and set your destructive timer.
  • IPhone: Tap the timer icon in the input bar and set the timer.

Now, from the moment the message is displayed on the recipient’s screen, the timer starts counting. When the timer counts down, the message disappears from both pages.

Have you used Snapchat? There is a similar feature here. If either side takes a screenshot of the screen, both the sender and receiver will be notified.

4. Hide the last visit time from specific contacts


If you use WhatsApp, you should be familiar with the idea of ​​hiding your last visit. The same option is available in Telegram Messenger, but with an advanced option. If you want to hide your last visit only from a specific person, Telegram allows you to prevent your last visit from being seen by a specific contact. Instead of looking at the exact time, they will see phrases like “recently”, “a week ago” or “a month ago”.

You will find this option in the Telegram settings. Go to Privacy and Security. Then click on “Last Visit”. Here you will see the “Contacts”, “All” and “None” options. You can also add exceptions.

5. Install a password lock on your chats

Are you worried about the security of your chats? Telegram has an internal feature that secretly locks chats using a password and restricts unauthorized access to your chats.

To set a password lock, go to the Privacy and Security section in Telegram Settings. Open the password and activate it. Enter the password of your choice.

You can even set the automatic lock time of your chats so that when they are finished, your chats will be locked automatically.

6. Turn off message preview

Message previews are useful because previews appear on the lock screen or the notification area of ​​the screen. But if someone uses our phone or is close to us, they can also see our personal messages. Isn’t that unpleasant?

Fortunately, Telegram has an option to prevent the message from being previewed. Go to Telegram settings and click on “Notifications and Sounds”. Disable “Message Preview”. Now no one will be able to see your messages until this option is reactivated.

7. Avoid adding to unknown groups and channels

H or have you been added to an unknown group or channel in Telegram? You can easily leave the group. Additionally, you can even specify people who are allowed to add you to groups or channels. Just open the group option in “Privacy Settings”. There you have options for all your people or contacts and you can activate one of them. You can even block a specific contact from adding you to a group.

8. Use robots

Robots are telegram accounts that can be coded to perform certain actions and make the user experience a little more efficient. Robots can be shared and added to a group. Here are some examples of robots:

  • @ stickers – This robot allows you to create stickers through various commands.
  • Imagebot @ – Finds different image related to a keyword.
  • Storebot @ – Finds new bots.

9. Edit sent messages

Have you ever regretted sending a message after sending a message due to a typo? This always happens, but when you use the Telegram app, you do not have to worry. Quickly tap that message and select the edit option. You will be able to apply the changes you want to that message and resend it. Telegram adds a “edited” tag to the message that is visible to the recipient (s).

10. Wave shortcuts for stickers

This is a fun trick in the Telegram app. There are a few waves associated with stickers that can be used to send. When you select a wave, a preview of the corresponding sticker appears.

This trick allows you to add subtitles, crop the photo, and edit it before uploading. The photo editor lets you adjust the contrast, saturation, color, exposure and many more features of the photo.

11. Add a sticker pack to your Telegram app

Do you want to make your conversations more interesting and lively? Stickers are an interesting way to achieve this. Add a sticker pack to your telegram. Or if you like the stickers used in the conversation, save them like this:

  • Android: Just tap on the label.
  • IPhone: Press and hold on the sticker. Then, tap on the “Add Stickers” option.

12. Send silent messages

If you do not want to distract your friends, no problem. Use this feature to send messages that do not create a notification sound on the receiving device. Just click on “bell” in the text space to mute the messages.

Are you ready to use these tricks? You should use these unique tips and tricks of Telegram messengers to improve your experience. Enjoy this application!

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