12 Best PDF Reader Apps For iPhone & Android in 2022

PDF readers are important tools in the professional world and people’s private lives. PDF is a special type of file created specifically for document exchange,, and you should use PDF reader software to open and edit it. Fortunately, there are many excellent and free PDF reader software available. In this article, we list some of them.
What are the features of great PDF reader software?

These features primarily depend on the needs of the user. Some things to consider are:

  • Program volume
  • Available operating systems
  • Shareability
  • Types of files it can open
  • Ability to convert files
  • Ability to take notes
  • Other advanced features required

The best free PDF reader software

Each PDF reader has its strengths,, depending on what the user is looking for. In the following, we will introduce some of the best free PDF reader software available in the market. First for Android and then for iPhone:

The best for Android phones

1- PDF Reader

PDF Reader is the best PDF reader software for Android. This app is developed with a beautiful design and interactive user interface and helps you to manage and read all your favorite books.

PDF Reader is not just about PDF documents or files; this program can play eBook files like DJVU, XPS, FictionBook 2, and many more. In addition, this text-to-speech app allows you to take notes just by speaking.

Important features

  • For quick access to your favorite books, you can create a table and bookmark them.
  • You can use this app in different languages,, ​​such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, etc.
  • It shows the history and recent access to the books.
  • It has a very beautiful theme.

2- WPS Office (Prametiaz)


WPS Office is one of the most popular productivity and document management apps on the Play Store. This program has a modern interface and includes the word, sheet, Slides, and pdf. You have the freedom to edit or create one at any time.

WPS Office is free to use and includes an advanced package with additional features: support for signature and annotation integration for PDF files.

Important features

  • It supports almost 51 different languages ​​natively and is supported by regular updates.
  • It supports almost all document file formats and provides full access to PDF files.
  • You can easily convert other files to PDF and share them anywhere through app sharing, email, and device connectivity options.
  • It provides access to various file formats used in office programs.
  • You can edit PDF files as needed, and add or remove watermarks.
  • Includes advanced features for marking and highlighting PDF documents and files.

3- Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe offers its flagship PDF application called Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android. This program is one of the most complete and organized PDF file management programs that you will find in the Play Store. You can use it free, but you need to subscribe and purchase packages to get premium features.

This software is very user-friendly and opens PDF and supported files instantly. Using it, you can access PDF files on your Android phones or tablets.

Important features

  • Includes reading, signing, editing, marking, and many other features.
  • You can save your important files and organize them however you want, either in a custom destination or supported cloud storage.
  • It allows you to share your documents by sharing media and printing them instantly from your Android devices.
  • Includes form-filling options and electronic signature capabilities with native support for similar fonts.
  • You can also work with your team through advanced sharing options.

4- OfficeSuite

OfficeSuite tops the list for productivity, workload, and PDF management over the phone. It is free to use and offers many rare advanced features in similar options.

A premium version includes 50GB of cloud storage on MobiDrive and an ad-free experience. This software works easily on most devices that run on Android 4.4 and above.

Important features

  • You can create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, PDF articles, etc., on your mobile phone.
  • Supports superior protection and standard privacy options.
  • Includes digital signature, PDF to Word, ePub, Excel, and more.
  • With its advanced syncing and sharing capabilities, you can access all your official documents from all devices.

5- Google PDF Viewer (by default, it is on 90% of Android phones)

Google PDF Viewer includes almost all Android apps. Google PDF Viewer is the best PDF reader software for Android, and you can use it like millions of users. This program is designed with a very user-friendly interface and an attractive theme.

Initially, this program was developed to be used for business purposes. But with further development, it eventually became the most widely used PDF reader. If you trust Google apps, you better give them a try.

Important features

  • We are providing a reliable and secure platform to access documents.
  • Ability to bookmark favorite documents and files.
  • Support all document file formats.
  • Ability to synchronize documents with cloud storage.
  • Fast search panel and unique download file management features.

6- readers

Finally, let’s take a look at ReadEra, another PDF reader app for Android: Readera LLC has developed this app with many useful features and tries to combine the benefits of different apps. With this program, you can use and run any file, including EPUB, MS Word, FB2, TXT, Kindle, and similar files.

You can also use different modes to create a comfortable visual environment while reading. Moreover, if you have access to a stable internet network, you can find all your favorite e-books.

Important features

  • In-app ads don’t seem to disrupt your reading experience.
  • You can find and download e-books in any format easily.
  • This program includes very convenient and user-friendly reading settings.
  • It allows you to use multi-document modes that include day and night modes.
  • The search option can automatically identify books and documents.

The best for Apple phones

1- Cool PDF Reader

Using this software is easy and fast. Users can quickly open their documents and start reading or editing. It also has standard features such as file conversion and the ability to zoom in and out, which makes it a great option.

2- Google Drive

Google Drive is a free online cloud storage system. Using this system, users can upload and share files in the cloud with their Google account. In addition, Google Drive has a good PDF reader software. On the Google Drive platform, users can open, convert and share their PDF files. Google Drive PDF reader software is a great option for those who have a Google account and want to quickly view their PDF files online.

3- MuPDF

MuPDF is another small PDF reader software that allows users to view and edit PDF files, fill out forms, and add annotations to the document. Another feature of MuPDF is that it allows the user to convert their PDF file to other formats such as HTML or SVG. For people looking for a small and fast PDF reader and editor, this is a powerful option.

4- PDF-XChange Editor

For those users who are looking to add audio to their PDF files, PDF-XChange editor can be a good solution. In addition to the ability to add recordings and other sounds, users can view and edit PDF files. However, PDF-XChange’s best feature may be its optical character recognition tool. With this tool, users can scan a printed document and PDF-XChange will convert it into a searchable text document.

5- PDF Reader Pro Free (I use this myself)

PDF Reader Pro Free is one of the most popular PDF tools on Apple devices. With this tool, users can annotate their documents with text or images, insert signatures, connect to the cloud, and more. This software is a great tool for Apple device users, especially for professionals who often use PDF.