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11 Content Generation Ideas That Get Your Audience Flowing To You

If the Internet plays an important role in marketing your business, providing quality content is important for you. 

It must have occurred to you that in front of a computer screen or while staring at an Instagram page on a mobile phone, you could not find anything to write; Your mind is locked in and you struggle to find something interesting. 

If this is a familiar experience for you, do not miss this article.

Creating or identifying new and engaging ideas can be challenging in businesses that use content to engage and engage potential customers . I write more than 100 articles with an average of 1,500 words a year on various sites and blogs. In the meantime, through experience, I have learned the points that I will share with you now. Here are you and these 11 tips for writing and producing content.

1. See “What’s so Hot Now”

What are your industry leaders saying now and what news are they looking for? What is the hot topic of your industry these days? By identifying trends and topics of interest in the relevant industry, you are likely to find an interesting topic to write about.

If you can not identify trends with certainty, take a look at . Typing a topic on this site gives you a list of the most popular content in your target market.

2. Teach something to your audience

A few content generation ideas

One way to help smooth your finger movements on the keyboard is to write to teach what you know best. This is a simple task; Just imagine a friend asking you for help. Define the framework and steps to do the job, you will see that you will reach interesting content in a short time.

In addition, it is good to know that articles and content with the topic “How…” usually have a good position in Google rankings, because many people use this search engine to learn about a particular topic or activity.

3. Get rid of competitors

By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. But reading the content of top competitors is an effective way to get new ideas. For example, looking at, you may notice an article titled “Your Minds ; “The new Google is on its way. ” As you read this, you may want to write about the fact that “Google has changed, so be careful not to miss out.”

4. Read industry sites and blogs

In most industries, there are well-known virtual sites or forums where users can discuss and exchange ideas. Popular topics that are talked about a lot and are more common, give you good ideas for writing.

5. Write a sequel to previously popular content

Sequencing is the idea of ​​content production

Learn from Hollywood; Track.

Take a look at the content and articles of the past few years. Usually a few of them have achieved a higher position among the audience by far. Take advantage of their success and write a sequel for them.

6. Use keyword recognition tools

No one wants to write something that is not read. You can write about something that many people are already looking for information about.

One of the best tools for identifying these issues is the keyword planner. This tool identifies the most relevant keywords to search for specific topics. In the Google Keyboard Planner you will find a list of related topics. Also, considering the number of monthly searches for different phrases, you realize how popular and popular different topics are.

7. Write about your big mistakes

We are all wrong. Although we may not like to be reminded and talked about, these mistakes are fascinating topics for our readers. Put aside pride and help others avoid similar mistakes by writing about your mistakes.

8. Interview successful people

Think of interviewing people as content production ideas.

One of the easiest ways to create content is to interview people via email and publish their responses. All you have to do is find an expert and influential person in the industry and interview them by email (or phone call and call recording). After writing the dubbing introduction, bring the questions and answers.

9. Write reviews or summarize books

What fascinating book have you read lately? Why not give a summary of it to others? You can also write a review for it. Book review not only helps to attract more readers to the book, but also introduces your audience to something that has had a tremendous impact on your life.

10. Write an article rejecting other articles

It must have occurred to you to read something that you completely disagreed with. Share this feeling with your audience. Write an article that discusses the subject of the article from the opposite point of view.

Of course, you should inform the author of the main article about this. If you have a respectful tone in your article, interesting conversations and debates may form in the comments of users.

11. Make a list of articles

Magazines lined up on the shelves of popular newsstands and blogs at have one thing in common: indexes.

Listed content, now called “listicles”, is the most common type of content on websites and blogs. There is a simple reason for this; Readers love them. Making an article catalog is simple and easy to read.

The next time you are ready to write, make a list of topics that come to mind. Then write a few sentences for each title. In a short time, your 1,000-word progress article is ready. Just like I did for this article!

Now you have no excuse to stare at the computer screen. Choose one of these 11 ideas and get started. Believe it or not, it’s easier than you think.