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100 ideas for starting a business with little capital

You have little capital and do not know what to do with it? Looking for ideas to start a business with little capital ?

 Here we want to introduce you to 100 ideas for starting a business with low capital.

There are many business opportunities that require little or no start-up costs! Yes you heard right! But instead you have to spend a lot of time and effort. In addition, many small business opportunities are based on your skill set, including computer skills.

But wait, there are other things:

I have added another section called “Real World” businesses to this text so that those who do not have special computer skills can use it. In this article, we will discuss just a few small business ideas and briefly talk about their low cost.

Here are 100 ideas for starting a business with little capital

List of 13 ideas for starting a business with low capital in cyberspace

1. Consultant

Do you have expertise in the field? If the answer is yes, then you can make money from this idea to start a business with low capital. Sign up for consulting sites (such as Aloo Consultant ) and set your minute call rate for those who call to talk to you.


۲. Content production

It does not matter if you are writing an ad or an article or e-book, the content must be written by someone. One of the places where the most demand for content creation is in the social media sector. Content creation is a low-cost process, because all you need is a computer and a high-speed Internet connection, as well as a special graphics program (or other software requirements) that may be costly to set up. However, apart from that, all you have to do is spend time producing content. You can use services such as content wikis to market yourself and create your circle of customers.


3. Graphic Design

The idea behind starting a business with low capital is that if you have graphic capabilities, you should know that many customers are looking for logos, graphic designs and artwork for their business. Look for sites like Designo so you can start your own business and expand your customer base.

4. Invention

In the past, being an inventor was an unattainable goal, and people sometimes used the term to justify being psychological. But this is no longer the case! With platforms such as the Center for Commercial Ideas and Inventions of Iran , it is possible to raise funds for ideas and inventions. The advantage of this model is that if the money you need is provided and you are financially so-called, it shows that you are successful in finding a market. If your idea is not welcomed, it means that you need to go back and re-plan.

5. Jewelry maker

There are many women who like to decorate themselves with beautiful jewelry. Combine this with an increasing interest in handmade jewelry and you will see that the recipe for success is in your hands. Try this idea to start a business with low capital.


6. Selling second-hand goods

Generally in local markets such as Friday markets, brokers and brokers and everywhere else, you can find interesting and valuable goods. You will find the real value of them and put them on the list of items for sale. Sites like Wall and Trump are good markets to offer goods. This idea is great for starting a business with low capital.

7. musician

This idea is not similar to what you have in mind. We are not talking about becoming a music star, you are just going to turn the wheel of your life this way. From recording music in the studio to writing rhythm and lyrics for businesses. If you have this skill, you can be sure that you can make a living this way. With software like Reaper (which is very cheap) you can have your own music production studio right on your computer.

8. Social network management

Communicating with people is an art. Some are good at this art and some are great and some… ..! You understand what I mean. Communicating with customers is something that many businesses do not have the time to do. The good news is that even though they do not have time to communicate with customers, they need someone who can manage this part of their business and they pay for it. Good communication skills and up-to-date on social networks such as Instagram, Snapshot, Wayne, Periscope, etc. are very important. You need to know what group of people each platform appeals to and how you should be present in each of these communication communities.

9. Training / coaching

Remarkable training enthusiast educators: This business requires very little cost in terms of setting up a virtual learning environment and / or learning environment. In addition to high speed internet, you need time and effort to start the startup process. Overall, the cost of starting a startup and running a virtual learning / learning service is very low. Try this idea to start a business with low capital.

10. Technical Adviser

Learning computer-related things is always in demand. As a result, one way to help with this is to prepare tutorials based on specific (or multiple) computer programs that give the client the details of using that program and completing the project. So, the best way to reduce startup costs on this idea is to have both the program and the related programs, so that you can create an instruction or “how can” video. In addition, if you want to dedicate a website to making all the activities on it accessible and traceable, then you need to include the cost of setting up the website in the initial costs of your startup. Finally, internet / telephone service will be very useful in this regard.

۱۱. Implement audio files

An implementer is someone who converts an audio file into text. This does look cool, but you’re right hk it could be very dangerous in the wrong hands. The truth is: computers still have trouble recognizing words. Business owners and entrepreneurs need to convert their video files into text so that both hearing-impaired people and search engines can understand the content of the video.

In addition, you get your order from people who just want their files downloaded to be better read and understood. To get started, you can order from Parscoders . Try this idea to start a business with low capital.

۱۲. Translator

Like a content creator, translation services (at least in this section) require text that wants to be translated from one language to a completely different language. While this skill essentially requires one to be proficient in several languages, the start-up costs of the startup include the cost of internet / telephone as well as travel expenses. In addition, marketing expenses can be incurred in startup costs. Just keep in mind that: If you are not fluent in any language, do not go for it at all. Do not think that you can do this properly with a tool like Google Translate. Although Google Translate is great, it does not always do a great job.

13. YouTube star

Well, you don’t have to be a star! But with a smartphone camera and a good theme, you can start a business on your own YouTube. You will not become a millionaire overnight, but by finding an audience, you can definitely earn a decent amount of money through your newfound fame.

A list of 20 ideas for starting a low-cost business in the real world

۱۴. Cleaning and maintenance of the aquarium

People enjoy having an aquarium at home and at work, but have little time. If you know how to maintain an aquarium, then you can start a great business model.

۱۵. Childcare

Many people have multiple jobs or both parents work. This is the truth of life in the world today. Even if it is not a question of parents working, parents may still want to go to a restaurant or outing overnight in pairs. This is where the babysitter comes in. You can also get a certificate of no criminal record, prove your trustworthiness to them, and leave the decision to your parents. Try this idea to start a business with low capital.


۱۶. Computer repair

On-site computer repair is still a must. Many people need someone to recover their deleted error files, or replace a component on their computer. On-site attendance is one of the facilities for which you can get paid. Another way to differentiate your service is to provide data security services to support your customers, including hard drive encryption and wireless network security.

۱۷. Assistant in personal affairs

This service is a great idea for those who are so busy that they do not have time for some work. On the other hand, this idea is also great for those who are eager to help others. Although only start-up costs include business card marketing, and other forms of advertising, the only recurring cost in this area is keeping your car full of gas. Needless to say, it does not cost anything and is great for saving money for the day.

۱۸. Relocation services

If you have a way of moving and transporting, then you can be a messenger. Try this idea to start a business with low capital.

19. pet care

There is no denying that people’s beliefs about keeping pets have changed from 60 years ago. Today, people consider their pets to be members of the family and treat them the same way they treat family members. Some people who have a pet and are very busy and busy tend to have someone take care of their loved ones.


20. Event Planner

Event planning is also a low-cost business that is both lucrative and attractive. In general, all that is needed to do this (apart from the cost of the Internet) is order and attention to detail. In addition to the Internet-related costs incurred at the startup cost, the event planner may need to make additional event planning purchases; One of these purchases is the purchase of a dedicated telephone line.

۲۱. Virtual Assistant

Using a service like Poonisha Virtual Assistant allows you to be an assistant to others. You post your personal profile on this site along with the tasks you can perform well, and people can hire you to perform those specified tasks.

۲۲. Repairman

If you know how to repair home appliances, then you can make a living this way. Installing a ceiling fan and repairing holes in the wall may be the solution you are looking for to pay your bills. Try this idea to start a business with low capital.

23. Motivational speaker

Do you have an interesting story to tell? Or is there something that makes you happy? Are you good at texting the toughest people? If being in front of a group of people does not scare you, then this is for you. To be a motivational speaker , having followers on social media and posting videos of yourself is a great way to introduce yourself to people before you go on a speech.

۲۴. Transportation company

If you have the ability and enthusiasm to do the hard work, starting a shipping company is a good option. You can rent a truck to avoid paying exorbitant costs to buy a truck as long as you have enough capital to buy a truck. Try this idea to start a business with low capital.

۲۵. Music Instructor

Teaching music to others is the best thing you can give them. First, you can train people for free for the first few sessions to grow and expand your market. Transportation costs usually include car maintenance and petrol, although you can use the bus and public transport lines or walk instead. Lastly, one of the best ways to minimize startup costs is to educate your customers with a musical instrument, not your own device.


۲۶. Personal Chef

Do you have a special cooking skill and are you looking for a way to turn this cooking skill and interest into a business? If so, you should choose this path and become a personal chef. You know that this job means delivering weekly / daily meals to your customers with a wide range of nutritional values. As for the cost of a startup, the costs only include the cost of commuting between work, home, supermarket and transportation. Other expenses are paid by your customer.

۲۷. Personal trainer

With a few credentials and a little time, you can tie your desire to look good into your daily life. Help others achieve their physical goals and teach them some proper techniques that will not harm them. You will feel satisfied when you help others. Try this idea to start a business with low capital.

۲۸. Mobile and tablet repairman

This is usually done in a shop, but you can do it on a mobile basis, especially if you use services like DJ Deki . Many people believe that if the cost of repairing a phone is more than the cost of replacing it with another, people will change their phones: but they should know that they are sorely mistaken. Phones contain really important information, so people are willing to pay more for their data recovery. Today, phones have data like photos that not everyone uses the cloud to store.

۲۹. photographer

Despite the fact that mobile phones have great cameras, they never replace the skill and a good DSLR camera. People know this, and they value highly skilled photographers who capture beautiful moments in their lives.

30. Real estate agent

With the right licenses and finding people who are looking to buy or sell, you can get into the real estate business. Your family and friends play an important role in your word marketing. Remember, real estate agents often also provide the equipment people need to rent (rent or lease).

31. Become the driver of Snap, Tap 30 or Carpino

You can become an internet taxi driver by having a car, a smartphone and being in a suitable city that you are well acquainted with. If you are unfamiliar with these companies, read 10 Reasons Why Snap and Tapsi Are Better Than Taxi and Agency . Try this idea to start a business with low capital.

32. Automatic vending machine operator

Yes, that’s right, the costs required for the terminals in the device auto sales are on the rise. But that does not mean that an interested person can not grow the business. Cash or coin-operated devices are still a good business, only they no longer have the former profitability. To get started, place your appliance in a place where there is always a cashier, such as laundry, small dining halls and Friday markets. Ask if the landlord also wants a share of your income.

33. Reduce business costs

Many of the ideas here are still costly. Software is a common and inevitable expense. But you should not ruin the deal by buying software. There are many free software tools that can help you with this. Including:

– WordPress and spreadsheet software: Open Office
– Accounting: GNUCash‌ or Wave Accounting
– Graphic design: GIMP
– Email: Gmail
– Cloud storage: Google Drive or Dropbox
– Time tracking: Toggl

This article shows you that there are many business opportunities that do not require a lot of money to start. Many of these examples only require transportation and Internet / telephone services. Many businesses also have no costs and any form of marketing can be a positive feature for them. Try this idea to start a business with low capital.

Here are 67 more ideas for starting a low-capital business

34. Job search services

You can start your own company and provide employment services to other companies. All you need is good information about job seekers. All you have to do is refer a job seeker to a company and make money that way.

35. Social media services

Today, social media plays a big role in business. Many companies are looking for a specialist and provider of social media services. You can start your own company doing shadowing for businesses, and uploading content to blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts.

36. Nutrition Consulting Services Business Idea

Most people today are concerned about the foods they eat and often seek guidance on their eating habits and diet plan. If you specialize in this area you can start a nutrition consulting company. My advice is to hire a good nutritionist for this business.

37. Mobile repair service

Setting up a mobile repair shop with manpower / repairmen is a good idea for a business as machines often break down in areas where a repair shop is not available. You just have to have good mechanics and a motorcycle to start this business.

38. Car decoration services

Today, not everyone can afford to buy foreign cars and often seek to improve their car for good design and appearance. This has given birth to a good business called car decoration services.

39. driving training center

Driving school is a thriving business because the number of cars is increasing day by day and more and more people want to learn to drive. To start this business, you need a number of cars and an experienced team of drivers who can train you.

40. Childcare

Today, in metropolitan areas, we can see many working women, and in many cases it is difficult for them to coordinate work with children. If you start babysitting in a metropolis, you will definitely succeed.

41. Pike’s business idea

Courier services are an old business. Many people today are looking for better shipping and scheduled shipping prices. If you can afford it, this is the business for you.

42. Home travel services

Travel means several people in a car to move to the same destination. This splits the cost of fuel and thus saves people money. While school staff and children do the same informally, it needs to be done formally. You can start by identifying potential customers, connecting them with each other and getting paid for the convenience of this service.

43. Green Consulting

The future depends on green technologies, and more and more businesses are becoming greener every day. If you have the energy and knowledge to save energy, you can start this business.

44. Boutique business idea

A boutique is an ever-booming idea. What you need is a good place to shop and a range of products to suit the current market taste.

45. Green Store

As more and more people become aware of how the earth is being damaged by humans, they are turning to products that do not harm the environment. Set up a green store, preferably online, because access to such products is not always easy. This can be both problematic and a good idea to make money.

46. Pet care

If you love animals, this business is made for you. What you need are rich people who have a pet but are unable to care for them. You can get money to take care of their pet. This idea is very good in urban areas.

47. Interior decoration

This is an old and evergreen business idea. This business requires special skills, creativity and persuasive force.

48. Horticultural services business idea

Providing horticultural services may seem like a strange idea, but many companies today offer good horticultural services. This business is booming alongside the real estate business.

49. Local requirements

In the local niche advertising business, you need to get ads from individuals or business owners and publish them online or in magazines and newspapers. The local niche business is always successful because advertising and marketing are important activities for any business. And people are willing to spend money for it.

50. DJ services

DJ services are a part-time business idea. People are looking for a DJ on different occasions. If you are good at music, you can succeed in this business.

51. Real Estate Advisor

Many people are looking for a good home to live in. They either buy a house or mortgage it, they need a real estate consultant anyway, so starting a real estate agency is a good idea.

52. Firefighting equipment business idea

It is now necessary to maintain firefighting equipment in buildings, such as a fire extinguisher and fire alarm system, in buildings. This gave birth to the idea of ​​starting a fire department store.

53. travel agency

Starting a travel agency is a great business idea. People want to relax and enjoy their vacation freely. They do not want to worry about tickets, hotel reservations, and other things. They are willing to pay good money for a travel agency to do this for them.

54. Data center consulting

This business idea is related to information technology. Requires special knowledge and skills in building a data center. If you are good at this, you can start a data center consulting business.

55. Career Business Idea

Because of the many career options available, most parents or students are confused and seek professional advice. You can help them by receiving money.

56. Resume writing

Resume is an important document to get a job. Most people are looking for a professional resume writer. If you are good at resume writing you can start this business.

57. Health Club

Many people believe that “health is wealth” and that is why they make good use of their health. For daily exercise, they prefer to go to a gym or health club. Starting a health club in a wealthy area can help you succeed.

58. Financial planning services

In the financial planning business, you need to advise the client on investment and financial planning. We recommend that you get a financial planning certificate before starting this business.

59. Aquarium industry

It is great to keep a fish tank or aquarium at home. The aquarium is a relaxing and enjoyable experience. It is good even for Vasto style of architecture. You can start your own business by opening an aquarium store.

60. toy store

Kids love toys. You can set up a small toy store in your area. You can keep dream toys in your store.

61. Electrical services

Most people are looking for electrical services to meet the needs of their home or work. If you have knowledge in this field, you can start your own business by providing electrical services.

62. Beauty treatment and spa business idea

If you want to do something new, you can start a beauty treatment and spa. High-level people are always looking for good beauty treatment and spa services.

63. Educational bookstore

Students and book lovers are always looking for books. This can be the starting point for a bookstore. This business is always thriving because education never slows down.

64. Catering services

Most people are looking for catering services for different occasions. If you are good at managing and delivering healthy and delicious food, you can succeed in business.

65. game Hall

Kids are usually looking for a playground or playground. You can play your game room and you only need a few game stations and Xbox.

66. SEO Consulting Business Idea

With the rise of the Internet fever, the need for an SEO consultant has increased. Every website owner is looking for a good SEO consultant to optimize their website in search engine.

67. Dairy or milk store

Running a dairy is an old but effective business idea. Before you start, make sure there are no other dairy stores in your area.

68. confectionery

Confectionery is another business idea. Most people are looking for sweets for different festivals and occasions. You can meet their needs by setting up a pastry shop.

69. carwash

A clean car looks better and is a source of pride. People like to ride in a clean car and are willing to pay to wash it, so the number of car washes is growing.

70. Services Adjusting steering and tire pressure

Adjusting steering and tire pressure is important to better steer the car and extend the life of the tires. Cars need to adjust the steering wheel and tire pressure every 5,000 kilometers, so starting this business is a good idea.

71. Sale of batteries and chargers

Today, almost all devices have batteries and a battery life is limited. These batteries should be charged after a few years. So starting a store instead of charging and battery is a good idea.

72. Selling antique accessories

Wealthy people spend a lot of money on antiques. Starting a good antique shop is another good idea. This idea requires a lot of capital.

73. Pest control

Erfads often seek pest control at home and at work. To that end, you can start your own business by controlling pests.

74. Advertising business idea

If your mind is creative, you can become an advertising giant . Companies are often looking for someone who is creative and values ​​their advertising.

75. انیمیشن‌ساز

Today, the animation and gaming business is growing rapidly. If you have the knowledge to make cartoons and animations, you can succeed in this world.

76. pharmacy

Receiving medical treatment and medication is an essential need. If you specialize in medicine, you can open a pharmacy.

77. Sewing services

Starting a small sewing shop is a good idea for a housewife. This idea does not even require a lot of capital.

78. Machine and electrical tool shop

You might want to consider setting up a hardware and electrical equipment store. These products are always needed.

79. Stainless Steel Kitchenware

Stainless steel kitchen utensils are needed in every home, so setting up a stainless steel utensil store in a small space can be a good idea.

80. Business idea for sales and water heater services

If you want to start a home-based business, you can consider selling water heater services. You can sell electric and gas water heaters.

81. Sales and services of water purifiers

Sales and service of water purifiers is a good idea in the home appliances sector.

82. Hardware and Plywood Board Store

With the growing need for furniture in the home appliance sector, establishing a hardware and plywood board store can be a good idea.

83. Second hand bookstore

If you have a small shop and want to start a small business, you may want to consider starting a second hand bookstore.

84. network marketing

Multilevel marketing companies today provide good business opportunities. If you are an expert in marketing and sales, you can start this business at a very low cost.

85. Glasses Store

You can start a small business with optometry and eyeglass frames. You can also sell items such as watches.

86. E-shop business idea

If you can raise a good fortune, you can start a business by selling electronics such as TVs, CDs, computer players, and more.

87. BP (Business Process Outsourcing)

If you have the space and the money to invest, outsourcing your business can be a great opportunity.

88. fast food

Opening a fast food shop , especially in work areas or near schools, will bring in a good income.

89. the bakery

You can have your own bakery. This business requires the skill of baking bread, ‌ cakes and other similar items.

90. Homemade food

If you are good at cooking, you can start a home cooking business.

91. Flour mill services

Flour mill can also be another idea. This idea works in residential areas and requires good investment.

92. Stock market trading services

Open a stock market and get brokerage from the end user. This is a very competitive idea because so many companies are working on it.

93. Comedy and Laughter Club

Comedy videos play fast. There are several stand-up comedians, such as Meysam Darvishanpour and Majid Afshari, who have recently become celebrities thanks to the young Rambod and his hilarious program. Others are waiting for their turn. There are hundreds of comedians looking for a way to show their talent. You can help them by starting an online comedy and laughter club.

 Ideas for starting a business with low capital:

94. A repository of funny videos

Funny videos of children, little furry dogs, and cats have flooded YouTube and Facebook. Can you put together a collection so that people can find the right video for their content marketing needs?

 Ideas for starting a business with low capital:

95. Music lovers group

If you do not have the ability to produce a piece of music , the least you can do is start a band of music lovers.

Be careful to form a specific group, for example, fans of Iranian traditional music, fans of Babak Jahanbakhsh and…. The first place you can start your business is Facebook and Telegram. You should also have a website and a chat room. In the next step, you can design a mobile application.

 Ideas for starting a business with low capital:

96. Prepare a tax return.

There are not many people who can do this on their own. That’s why this option is also a business opportunity.

 Ideas for starting a business with low capital:

97. Sell ​​subscription-based content.

Content that is now available for free on the Internet may not be well found in search. To solve this, some writers do careful research and sell it for a small amount of money.

 Ideas for starting a business with low capital:
98. Honest review of physicians’ performance

You can make a list of physicians’ successes and failures so that patients can make informed decisions.

 Ideas for starting a business with low capital:

99. Women’s Health Blog

Like the Men’s Health Blog, there is initial potential to put this idea into practice. Do not confuse the two. Try to stay focused on one area.

 Ideas for starting a business with low capital:
100. Assist in accounting

You do not have to be a member of a community of elite accountants with a formal financial advisor to help people with accounting – a degree in finance or business is enough. There are many ways to help people manage their accounts. You can help startups manage their accounts.