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10 Things You Should Never Search on Google

Google can probably be our baton most of the time, and it can help us when we have no information on a subject, however it can sometimes have quite the opposite effect.

 In the following, we will introduce you to 10 topics that it is better to never search on Google.


10. Symptoms of the disease

First of all, let’s talk about health problems. There are many websites that specialize in these issues and most of them are definitely not run by a specialist. Searching the internet for the meaning of the signs will not help you right away. Quite the contrary, it makes you feel worse and may even make your pain worse. If you notice any signs of a health problem, do not report it to Google Doctor; Go to a real doctor.

9. Anything that is a crime

This one is much more serious. You may just out of curiosity want to search for the phrase “how to make a bomb” or “how to make glass”. However, it is good to know that security and anti-drug services are always monitoring such searches and your IP address will be registered in their database. Do you like to get into trouble out of curiosity?

8. Cancer

This is something you know less about and it is better not to pursue it. There are many different types of disease, most of which occur with symptoms that may be very common, and some of these symptoms are normally completely harmless. Most people experience symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, nausea, etc., and you may have the misconception that these are signs of cancer.

7. Bedbug infection

You have probably read a lot about this little monster, especially in the hotel reviews section. This creature may have damaged your skin in the past. But have you ever wondered what a bed bug infection looks like? If you want to have a good night’s sleep, it is better not to pursue this issue.

6. The condition of your skin

There are many skin diseases and many of them look really bad. If you search for these diseases, you can see pictures of them. But it is better not to do this, because the content of these photos can be very upsetting.

5. Lungs of smokers

Many people who smoke think after a while about the harm that smoking does to their body and especially to their lungs. The internet is full of abnormal images of smokers’ lungs that you would probably be terrified to see. If you need a strong motivation to quit smoking, you can do a Google search for it, but you better not.

4. Dangerous animals

If you do not intend to develop a new phobia, please stop this search model. There are terrifying animals on our planet and many of them may live in your geographical area. This search may even prevent you from traveling to other places. You do not want this to happen?

3. Your name

The fact that our privacy is being violated in the age of the Internet is certainly not new. If you do a Google search for your name, you may encounter unpleasant results. Bad photos, old information, inappropriate content and…. When you see such things on the Internet, you will surely try to remove them, and this is probably not an easy task. So it is better not to go for it from the beginning.

2. Eliminate blackheads

This is a little different. It certainly does not scare or trouble you, but it will take you all the time. You can not stop this. Interestingly, digging blackheads and even watching it is fun for many. Therefore, we advise you to avoid this issue.

1. To give birth to a child

We have all seen this scene in movies. Women screaming loudly and doctors trying to calm them down. These scenes are stressful even in the movie. But the actual process of having a baby is definitely hundreds of times worse. Watching these movies can be even more dangerous for women, as they may lose interest in having children out of fear. Therefore, we do not recommend watching the process of childbirth, whether natural or cesarean section.

So what do we do?

Instead of searching for unpleasant topics in this list, you can always enjoy Google. By searching for phrases such as “why”, “how”, etc., you can discover popular searches and their answers and enjoy the results.