10 Practical Techniques in Time Management

No one can say they do not need time management. If it is not time management, things will be done at a time when they will no longer have a significant impact on the outcome.

 Time management is a phenomenon without which the success of businesses is not possible. In this article, we want to introduce you to ten time management techniques . 

Using these techniques is very simple and fast, but their impact on achieving goals is incredibly high. Stay with us.

1. Prioritizing

Just as it is almost impossible to work without goals, not having priorities for goals also wastes time. Targeting and prioritizing tasks is best done on paper and by scoring each task. Consider the following example:

This style of prioritization helps you plan your tasks accordingly and divide your work hours according to the importance of the tasks. Mental prioritization is easier, but most of the time it causes forgetfulness and consequently falling behind the program. Cleverly setting priorities and recording them on paper or digital documents is one of the most important time management techniques.

2. Following the law of 20/80

Law 80 states that “80% of the results come from 20% of your work.” In other words, 80% of what we do is marginal and insignificant, and before using any time management technique , we need to find the original 20% and plan according to their importance.

3. Simple to say “no”!

When you work in a team, sometimes others come to you with requests that require your attention and time. In such cases, the ability to say no will be as important as teamwork and helping others. Because your main tasks are a priority. The power to say “no” and not get involved in compliments is one of the most important skills to become an effective member of the team and is also a time management technique .

4. Using a 4D system

In the 4D system, there are four modes for tasks:

In the 4D method, works are categorized into four D’s and focus on them according to the same classification. This time management technique leaves the program as empty as possible by eliminating unnecessary tasks and delegating tasks that can be delegated to others, and also increases focus by separating tasks that are currently impossible to do for some reason.

5. “Swallow the frog”

Time management techniques

“Swallow the Frog,” says Brian Tracy (famous author) in his best-selling book on time management.

“If you start your day by eating a live frog. “You can continue the day with the satisfaction that nothing worse will happen to you later in the day.”

The frog is the symbol of the hardest work that has the greatest impact on success and achievement of goals, and you always delay doing them under various pretexts.

6. Reduce sessions

Holding meetings can cause employees to miss an hour or two of their useful daily work time. Therefore, the number of sessions should be reduced as much as possible and their efficiency should be maximized. Try to have a single session to address several issues and do less important information in other ways, such as emailing.

7. The case of a glass container

Suppose you want to put a few stones and pebbles and some sand in a bowl. If you first pour the sand into the container and then go to the rocks, there is a possibility that they will not fit in the container.

But if you first put the stones in the container and then throw the pebbles and sand in the gap between the stones, they will all fit in the container. This is a famous example to prove the importance of a time management technique .

 The technique of a glass container in which stones symbolize the most important and vital tasks, pebbles symbolize important tasks, and sands symbolize minor tasks.

 In this time management technique , after dividing the work into three categories: rock, pebble and sand, we do the planning with the intention of filling the glass container in the best possible way.

8. Eliminate modern distractions

Mobile, computer, internet and هستند these are the factors that keep modern man away from efficiency and effectiveness. First of all, find out which electronic tool or software is the most distracting for you, and then make a plan to make it less attractive or reduce your time.

9. Creating order

Disorder will cause confusion and confusion will waste time. If your desk, room and cabinets are not in order, you will probably spend a lot of time finding different things. So to achieve better time management, make order your top priority.

10. Pay attention to health

High concentration and efficiency during the day depend on having a healthy body. A body that is far from disease and has enough energy. To achieve such a body, you must have a healthy diet and sleep well at night. Including exercise in your weekly routine can also help keep you alive and productive.

last word

In this article, we review ten time management techniques . Techniques that do not require special time or cost. Using time management techniques will help you have less stress and get things done on time to get closer to your goals. Managing work time is not so difficult, but it requires constant vigilance and management of various aspects of work life.

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