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10 Personal Traits You Did Not Know You Inherited From Your Parents

You have brown eyes like your mother and tall like your father. Things like this are very obvious, but you may not know that there are other traits that you have inherited from your parents that are not so obvious. 

Here are 10 personal traits you probably did not know you inherited from your parents.

 Genetic characteristics; High cholesterol levels

High cholesterol levels are related to what you eat. If you want to live a long and healthy life, you need to eat vegetables and fruits and exercise.

But sometimes high cholesterol can also be a genetic trait . About 1 in 500 people has a specific genetic mutation that causes cholesterol to build up in their blood. These people have high levels of this substance even if they eat nothing but vegetables.

 Baldness of the male pattern is inherited from the mother

One of the genes involved in baldness is located on the X chromosome. Men inherit it from their mothers, and baldness is actually a genetic trait on the part of the mother.

 Educational accomplishment

Up to 55% academic achievement depends on your genetic inheritance. Thousands of genes are directly responsible for your performance at school; So if your parents showed great abilities during school, you probably have great abilities too.

Love Coffee

Do you drink a lot of coffee? Well, your genes are to blame! Scientists conducted a comparative study on people who could not live without coffee and those who did not drink coffee. The second group was found to have a specific gene, which means that they absorb caffeine more quickly. This meant that they did not need to drink coffee regularly.

Genetic characteristics; Juvenile diabetes during puberty

Type 2 diabetes usually occurs in the elderly. But it sometimes occurs in children and adolescents with active lifestyles, known as juvenile diabetes at puberty, resulting in a genetic mutation, although poor diet can also play a role.

Blindness from your mother

Lack of color differentiation is often something a person inherits from their genes. The gene that produces the disorder is often inherited from boys to their mothers.

lactose intolerance

This may come as a surprise, but the ability to digest lactose or milk sugar is very low in 65% of adults, and this is a genetic trait. A specific gene is responsible for this disorder, which is inherited from parents.

Ability to drive

Not everyone has the innate ability to drive. You can learn all the rules of the road and pass the driving test, but if you have certain genes that affect your ability to navigate, speed of reaction or memory, driving may not be a good idea for you.


Myopia is a genetic trait. If both parents have this problem, then the risk of the child’s eyes being close is about 50%.


It may seem unbelievable, but the secret of a person’s popularity lies in his genes. Harvard scientists have come to this conclusion after years of research. They believe that in the beginning of human existence, those who had valuable information about food resources or danger were the focus of a certain social group. These people passed on their genes to their children.

 People who have this genetic trait are people who are popular with their peers, and people often like to be friends with them.