10 Key Tips For Success For Those Who Work From Home

10 Key Tips For Success For Those Who Work From Home

Working At Home Is Not Just About Wearing Pajamas And Eating Food While The Crumbs Are Spilling On The Keyboard!

Work From Home, If you prepare for this and adhere to working at home, you can turn working at home into a success and an enjoyable and productive experience.

Web developers and designers, web admins, graphic designers, design and architectural engineers, writers and translators, and many more creative people are increasingly interested in working from home.

These days, even the operators of many companies are not only present at the company; They may even work from home in another country.

Companies and organizations large and small are also aware of the desire of many creative people to work at home and make the most of it. Because this group of employees doesn’t need to provide buildings, workspace, computer desks and systems, accessories, and software, they do not have the usual problems and conflicts between employees and the costs related to insurance and Eid al-Adha, etc.

“Teleworking” is a word that has been heard in our government organizations. It usually does not include them. Governments are also investing in this kind of work. Working at home can also have problems. It is challenging to meet customer expectations.

Everyone who works at home has problems that they have to get out of the house and solve. There are rules and regulations for making work at home an enjoyable and successful experience. In this article, we try to acquaint you with these principles.

1. Have your workspace

Finding a place to work at home is even more important than dinner. It is challenging to work in a house where you even have a roommate. Find the coziest place in the house and spread your space; If you do not have your study, it is sometimes necessary to separate a part of the house with a screen, or something similar; If you have a large number of children or your spouse is a host, draw a razor (of course, get permission so that your boss does not fall in love with municipal officials!). It will keep the noise to a minimum.

A laptop is usually better than a desktop computer for moving around the house because you can go to another part of the house if it is crowded, but this is not always possible. To determine your place from the beginning, Even if you have to think about building a new home before starting, it will allow you to work from home without interruption.

2. Give your customers access to yourself

Now that you have found your cozy corner keep in mind that you have to get out of this cozy corner or invite others there! But do not worry. I meant virtual travel. When you are going to work from home, customers or everyone who works with you, in general, should have easy access to you.

Unfortunately or fortunately, we do not pay much for software in Iran. But if you want, we have to loosen the top of the bag to have a standard internet connection; However, because you are not physically present at work and often do not work face to face with your customers, your internet should be fast.

Do not settle for less than your full potential. Even a GPS-enabled tortoise connection can be embarrassing when your primary service is not working; If you have done all this, be sure to write down the phone number of a courier or telephone taxi near your home; Because if your telecommunication area does not have cable or something like that, your customer’s telecommunication area will have it and your internet will not work correctly.

If the telecommunication areas work correctly, they will cause fiber optics and submarine cables to break. Your internet is not working correctly.

3. Complete and update your tools

It would help if you had good storage tools to work from home. ‌ Cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive have become widespread. The hard drive is where you can store things and even take them with you if needed. Even if you leave your office/home for something like a seminar, it will access all your files through the open box.

You can now allow your customers to view the files as well. Video conferencing facilities are one of the necessities of working at home. Get the right Skype and messaging tools, and most importantly, a good smartphone or tablet.

4. Be regular

You may think that now that you are working from home, you can sleep as long as you want in the morning or stay up late at night and your day and night are in disarray; But this is the worst thing that can happen to you.

Order in work requires order in the brain. Soon your biological clock breaks down, and you lose focus. By doing so, you endanger both your physical health and your working relationships with your customers.

If your mind is organized, your work will go well. The research of scientists at various universities, especially Yale University, on happiness and joy shows one thing: the feeling of pleasure is nothing but the establishment of order in the mind.

Find a good time management book or article and read it carefully before starting. Or attend one of the suitable workshops held at reputable psychology associations.

Time management software can help you set things up. Use the tools for archiving documents and tasks to access your studies and access your documents without the slightest hassle and waste of time.

These days, there is a massive movement in psychology called Mindfulness, which in Persian is translated as “consciousness,” “mindfulness,” or “presence of mind.”

The theoretical basis of this school is that we can make the most of our brains only when we do not have disturbing thoughts and rumbles and our minds are at peace. To stay safe from these annoying thoughts, we must focus our minds on what we are doing; In other words, to live in the moment.

Doing simple or progressive muscle relaxation exercises can significantly impact our peace of mind. There are several ways to do this (living in the moment). You can find relatively good relaxation files on psychology-related websites with a simple search.

The works of Dr. Nima GhorbaniProfessor of the University of Tehran, and Dr. Parvaneh Mohammadkhani, Professor of the University of Social Welfare Sciences of Iran, can be interesting for those interested in the subject of Mindfulness with Mindfulness.

5. Do not imprison yourself

Now that you work from home, the customers who pay you should not feel that you are lonely, out of the world, or out of place. In addition to providing communication, archiving, and work infrastructure, attend professional and work conferences and stay in touch with other people in your field.

Working at home with all its benefits makes you more dependent on communication tools and social networks, a considerable risk. Have plans to meet your customers in a relaxed atmosphere during the week.

Have lunch with a friend in a restaurant. Participate in community-friendly programs so that your world is not limited to your living space and work. Exercise – even a half-hour walk a day – is a reward you can give yourself to avoid daily traffic clutter.

Despite what I said, It may seem that working at home costs more than working somewhere like a company. It may be so at first glance, But perhaps the most crucial advantage of working from home is the next point.

6. Work in your golden times

The result of all the financial investment and personal discipline, and communication I mentioned is that you can schedule things in a way that works naturally in your most creative time and situation. Everyone knows better what time of day it is in creativity and efficiency. When you work for yourself, it is up to you to use these golden times. It is the golden point.

When you work for a company, you may experience burnout because you are tied to certain hours, and those hours do not necessarily coincide with your creative times. It is especially true for creative or artistic, such as programming, web design, writing, or graphics.

7. Ask your friends

Ask friends and colleagues who work with you how you look on the outside; If they are your customers, will they provide everything you need to work with you? Please make a list of the shortcomings your friends point out and try to address them.

The saying that your mirror friend is true applies here—especially to friends who are experts in your field and can look at your business from a customer perspective.

8. Drive away annoying people

There are two categories of annoyances: annoying people, annoying tools, and situations. Annoying people are the ones who waste your time and are usually not strangers. Take care of them, especially in the golden age.

Annoying people do not have bad intentions. Sometimes they want to hurt you. But if you’re going to listen to the pain of others in golden times, you may find yourself in pain! So it is straightforward to tell friends and family not to call you at certain times (you can exclude emergencies), and you can even close the communication channels in such cases.

Many of us are accustomed to looking at a social network in the middle of meaningful work and seeing how often our last post has been visited. Looking at the mailbox has become a secondary habit for some of us. The annoying tools and situations are more up to you.

Set specific times for these tasks. When it is neither gold nor even silver, It can be one of the best exercises for maintaining order in your mind and life.

9. Relax and have fun

It may seem to you that when you are tired, you can lie down and take a nap, and this is not possible in companies, But rest and fun are not just about lying down. Working somewhere while living there can be harmful with all its benefits.

Whether in a metropolis like Tehran or a small town in the north or south of the country, wherever you live, there are places to explore. I do not mean virtual browsing.

Did you know that the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran houses some of the most famous paintings in the world? Did you know that in Tehran, full of smoke and fumes, exhibitions for flowers and plants and cooking are held? Now you can open the doors and ask friends and family to accompany you.

An hour of surfing in them can make your mood much better. Really, when was the last time you went with your wife to one of the pleasant valleys in the north of Tehran, such as Evin or Darkeh, or took your child to the zoo or playground? Life goes on in places other than cyberspace.

10. Understand that your friends and family do not understand

The ancients said that a man should leave home in the morning and return at night with his shoulders open. With such beliefs, working at home, especially for men, can make them look like strange or useless creatures to neighbors and family.

Whether you are a man or a woman, do not worry about these words and sayings if you follow the principles of working at home. Do not try to explain to them or prove that you are busy. Do your job and enjoy your work.

 And a “door.”

in the first issue of the network monthly, published in August 1998, was an article entitled “Work, lovely work; “Home, lovely home.” Your work and home will be lovely if you follow the ten principles.

Working at home, though, is not a very new concept, and people like writers and artists used to do a lot of work at home; But only with the advent of further processing and communication technologies has this kind of work become the way millions work around the world; If you have everything ready for work at home, as a last resort, lookout for a “door.”

Work at home; There is a “door” between work and home. Be careful that this door does not gradually disappear and eventually be removed. If this is removed, what remains is the factory. Be careful not to turn your house into a factory.