10 Attractive Tricks Of Xiaomi Phones, The Most Attractive Tricks Related To Xiaomi Phones

Phone companies incorporate certain features and tricks into their products and operating systems that allow you to make better use of your phone. 

In this article, we are going to review ten of the most attractive tricks related to Xiaomi phones.


To do this, open the settings menu, scroll down the page to find the Additional Settings section. Touch it and select Button shortcuts. On the page that appears, you will see access to different sections.

On this page, you can specify any shortcut you like. For example, to run the Launch Camera app, it notifies you that if you press the Power button twice (Double press the Power button), the phone’s camera app will run.

Another useful shortcut is Open Split Screen. In this section, you can set that if you press the Home button (Log Press the Home button), the phone’s Split Screen feature will be activated so that you can use two applications on the phone at the same time.

Xiaomi Secret Fashion

To be able to run the phone status or health test, just run the code * # * # 6484 # * # * through the dialer program. In this case, a screen will appear that allows you to test different parts of the phone. For example, you may want to try out SIM cards, speakers, various sensors, Wi-Fi, macro cameras, and more. This page allows you to test each of these components.

 Then, after performing the test, you inform the program that the test was acceptable (Pass) or rejected (Fail). The above feature is especially useful when buying second-hand phones.

Making a watermark

Professional photographers use the watermark technique to protect their illegal access to the photos they take. Xiaomi phone users are also able to use this technique and put their name at the bottom of the photos, without the need to install a special program. To do this, just run the phone’s camera app, go to the camera settings and activate the button in front of the Watermark option.

 By default, the Device watermark may be disabled, enable it and touch Custom watermark, and specify the name you want to engrave on the photos in the text field. Finally, enable the Save option.

New fonts for Instagram stories

These days, the social network Instagram has attracted a lot of users and everyone is looking to post interesting and creative stories. Xiaomi allows access to a wide range of fonts that make stories attractive. First, open the Settings app, touch the Additional Settings section, and select Region. Select the desired country here to add some applications to the phone. 

Then go to the Themes app, in which case the Themes app will be changed and extensive features will be added to it. Touch the font, you will now have access to a very wide range of attractive fonts with a simple search. 

After downloading, the font will be added to the My Font section. Be sure to launch the phone once when you want to change the font.

Many screenshots

Screenshots may be associated with certain problems while working with the phone. You can take a screenshot by swiping three fingers down. By default in Xiaomi phones, if you swipe from top to bottom with three fingers, the phone takes a screenshot. 

However, if your phone does not have this feature, you need to set it up. Go to Settings, open Additional Settings, and open Button shortcut, and touch Take Screenshot. In the screen that appears, you will see an option that states that you can take pictures of the screen with three fingers (Slide 3 fingers down).  

Better viewing of movies

If you are interested in watching different movies, Xiaomi gives you a good ability to apply different display styles, sounds, and settings to the video. There is also the ability to take screenshots, display videos on other screens, or record videos of the movie itself.

 This feature is called Video Toolbox. To activate it, go to Settings and touch Special features. Then select the Video toolbox option. By default, the Video toolbox option is enabled.

Space for personal files

Xiaomi has provided an App Lock feature for users to be able to store their files in person on the phone. To enable it, open the settings, scroll through the page to get to the apps, then select App Locks. Once you have activated the above program, you need to specify an image template that is equivalent to a password, just go to your account for backup. The above program shows a list of programs that can be locked.

Power Option

Another important feature that Xiaomi provides to users is Power Option, which displays information about the screen refresh rate, device temperature, and so on. Go to phone settings, touch About Phone, and touch MIUI Version repeatedly. This will enable access to developer mode. Go back one step, go to the Additional Settings section, scroll down the page to find the developer option. 

Scroll down the page to find the Power Monitor option. When you touch the above option If you touch the Start option in the Frame Rate Monitor Tools section at the top of the screen you will see the device temperature, resolution, and refresh rate of the screen. If you touch the Start button at the bottom of the screen, it shows the graphic status.

Completely private and personal space on the phone

Sometimes you want to have a completely personal space concerning applications, notifications, data, etc. on the phone, you must use the Second Space feature. The above feature gives you two completely separate environments from the phone, neither of which is related to each other. To activate, go to Settings, select Special features at the bottom of the page, then select Second Space.

 In this case, it asks you to enable the above option. On the page that appears, it asks how to move between spaces, it is better to select the password option. Now we need to specify the password for the second space. 

After doing this, you will be given a second space. Interestingly, the file manager requires a password to access these spaces.

Sound separation

If you are looking to increase the volume of some applications and decrease the volume of others, Xiaomi offers you an interesting feature. To do this, go to Settings, select Sound & Vibration at the bottom of the page. 

Select the Sound Assistant option, enable the Adjust media sound in multiple options. Now if you show a video, when you turn the volume up or down, a sound icon will appear, and if you touch it, you will see that you have a tool for adjusting the video volume and you have the main tool for adjusting the volume of the phone.

Another important feature associated with private space

Sometimes you are in a group and you are worried that when you open a program, the information inside that program may be seen by others. There is a feature that allows the image of some of the programs you select to be blurred so that others do not notice those programs. 

To activate this feature, simply select any application whose content you do not want to be visible (hold your finger on the application icon) and then select the App Info option.

 On the page that appears, select the Blur app previews option. The app preview image is no longer visible.

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